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Call for beta users for SLMA Members! Download Spiro to better manage deals and income!

IStock_000038306980LargeSLMA members who have an iPhone and use are invited to join Spiro’s private beta program.

Sales professionals  are always looking for ways – whether those are organization methods or technology solutions – to better manage leads and be more successful in their careers. One tool that I’ve recently come across that helps sales reps do just that is Spiro – the personal sales assistant for quota-carrying salespeople who want to make more money. Spiro is now in beta and looking for salespeople and managers to try this new tool.

The app ensures salespeople stay on top of their customer pipeline and close more deals through intelligent recommendations that make sure professionals connect with their customers and prospects at the right time. Spiro claims that you will never again forget to call or email a prospect you’ve been working with for months. Instead, you’ll be able to better manage upcoming deals, regardless of where they are in the sales cycle, and be more successful. Beyond that, the more deals you’re able to successfully manage, the more you’ll be able to close – and as Spiro touts, the more money you’ll be able to make.  

I encourage you to download and try the app for yourself – remember, it’s free! SLMA members who have an iPhone and use are invited to join Spiro’s private beta program. Once you’re ready to start using the app, watch the product demo video for a quick overview of its key features and benefits.

Head over to the Spiro SLMA sponsorship page or check out the Spiro website to learn more.



Disclaimer: Spiro is a sponsor for the SLMA. The company has not paid for this "call for beta" and this is a public service announcement.

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