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White Paper From Velocify: Winning Strategies for Optimal Sales Processes

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White Paper:
Winning Strategies for Optimal Sales Processes

Title: Winning Strategies for Optimal Sales Processes: The Inside Sales Process Report

Published by: Velocify

Cost: NA

Length: 23 pages


   More than 400 inside sales leaders completed a 30 question survey for this research.  This report has serious authority.

  • 19 highly informative charts
  • Technology can play a key role in establishing, executing and monitoring effective inside sales processes
  • Fast growing companies challenge salespeople in terms of lead and call volume
  • Intelligent automation early in the sales cycle is crucial
Speed is a key component of inside sales success
  • When it comes to persistence, balance is essential
  • 80% of companies that use SalesForce grew their revenue at least 5 percent from 2013 to 2014
  • SalesForce users are 34% more likely to experience revenue growth than those not using a CRM system 
  • Chart on page 7: Average number of leads per salesperson per day
  • Chart of page 8: Average number of calls per salesperson, more calls more revenue
  • Chart on page 10: Higher-performance companies are 52% more likely to generate leads from social channels
  • Chart on page 13: Lead Capture and Distribution, 5 methods identified, the companies using at least two had more revenue
  • Chart on page 14: When companies use lead scoring to prioritize leads they are 38% more likely to experience growing revenue
  • Chart on page 16: Companies with faster growing revenue are almost twice as likely to use AUTOMATIC prioritization
  • Chart on Page 17: Speed in calling new leads is vital to improving conversion.

Recommended for: Presidents, CSO, Inside Sales Management, Marketing Management.

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