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White Paper: 12 High Velocity Metrics That Drive Sales

12 High Velocity Metrics That Actually Drive Sales   (Also called the Free Cheat Sheet)

Published by: Inside Sales

Author: Ken Krogue

Length: 2 Dynamic pages with the road map for sales success

SLMA Score:   Three out of four stars.  Short paper.  Not much on what to do about the implied problems.  Strong scent of self-serving here.  But it delivera on the 12 metrics list, but doesn't help you to decide what is a good score with a few exceptions.   Could be much better. 

Paper-icon-12-high-velocity-metrics-229Highlights: This is shortest and most comprehensive 12 item list for metrics that drive sales I have seen for a sales manager.

The list tells you what should be measured.  The “how”is up to you.  I would have liked to see Ken’s answers about best practices in addressing these “High Velocity Metrics” but maybe that will come in another white paper. 

I downloaded the white paper and printed it.  The printer had just stopped humming when an inside sales acceleration consultant, Jimmy Cluss (510) 606 9246 called me to see if I had any questions about the white paper, etc.  

Which brings us to the first of the high velocity metrics:

“How fast does your sales team respond to leads?”

I guess they walk the talk.  The other 11 metrics are just as succulent and worth reading and using as a guide.

Recommended for: CSO, Inside Sales Management, Presidents, Marketing Management.


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