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Listen While You Work: A Study on the Most Effective Lead Follow-Up Strategies

The guest for this SLMA Radio program is Adam Bluemner the managing editor of  Find Accounting Software.  This is a great interview on the most effective follow-up strategies which were analyzed from 63,256 calls. The study is available here. The host this week is Jim Obermayer.

Must read study for every inside sales manager.  In the interview we covered: 
  • How the speed of follow-up affects results
  • Average number of calls to qualify a lead
  • Contact success rate by call number
  • Qualification rate by call number
  • Waiting to call web leads ruins contact and qualification rates
  •  Most salespeople give up too quickly 
  • The advantage in sales goes to those that are quick 

Guest Bio:

Adam Bluemner is the Managing Editor for Find Accounting Software. Over the last decade Adam has spoken with thousands of companies, helping them achieve success through intelligent software investment. 

Business Bio:

 Better business is possible through better software.  Our free matching service has provided over 200,000 businesses with recommendations on the best software for their needs. Browse our software directory of over 3,500 products in 86 categories.

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