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"Anything You Do Can Get You Shot, including doing nothing"

IStock_000009756141_Medium (2)This famous quote has been attributed to the US Army - Ranger Training Manual.  The lesson is that as marketers and salespeople you can’t fear action and you should fear inaction; both can lead to failure.   As marketers and salespeople I think the phrase must be changed to:

“Anything you do can get you fired, including doing nothing.”

For marketers, there are five certainties that will lead to eventual failure and get you fired:

  • Not supporting the sales forecast with lead generation campaigns will get you fired.
  • Not having a CRM system in place will lead to failure.
  • Not having a marketing automation system will lead to failure
  • Not measuring your campaign ROI will lead to failure.
  • Not creating qualified leads will lead to failure.

Why it matters:

“Tackling the right problem is the essence of successful action”

Keshavan Nair “Beyond Winning-Handbook For Leadership Revolution”


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GoldMine CRM Software Joins SLMA as a Major Sponsor

  200x200The Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) announced that GoldMine Software is now a major sponsor for the SLMA.   Jim Obermayer, SLMA’s CEO, said “GoldMine is one of the CRM pioneers and, many would say, a technology leader in the CRM industry.  I know salespeople who find GoldMine easy and convenient to use, while management appreciates the reporting and cost effectiveness the solution provides, plus the cloud access.  We are proud to have an industry leader such as GoldMine as one of our sponsors.  Paul Petersen, GoldMine’s vice president and general manager, has been interviewed on several of our SLMA Radio programs: Why CRM is Not a Settled Science and Marketing’s Role is to Follow the Money.

Paul Petersen, Vice President and General Manager for GoldMine said, “We have decided to join the SLMA in a new effort to foster CRM and customer success. We find the SLMA topics and information to be very practical and usable for businesses of all sizes.”

About GoldMine

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Listen While You Work: CRM Failure? Tracy Whetzel Tells How avoid being one of the 63% that fail!

Traci headshot 05b1In our show last week, Traci Whetzel the Director of CRM at Concept Services, outlines how to avoid CRM failure. (DM News said that 63% of the CRM Initiatives Fail).

During the interview Traci talks about: three of the biggest reasons CRM systems fail and what can be done to avoid it.  She covers:

  • Lack of buy-in from upper management and the consequences for everyone.
  • Lack of benefit realization by the sales reps, they don’t see a value add to using it.
  • Lack of a sales process (stages) and no key performance indicators.

About Traci Wetzel

Traci Whetzel, Director – CRM, began her career with Concept Services as a BDM, and during her tenure she has held a multitude of roles within the organization. Traci is a strategic and process driven manager with a passion for sales process design, results, CRM and all things technical.

 Traci has over a decade of experience working with and implementing various CRM solutions. She is an inspiring person to work with on both a personal and professional level because of her knowledge, optimism and “can-do” attitude. Traci is a great representation of our company’s spirit of an optimal blend of hard work and fun, which she displays on a daily basis to her employees and customers.

About Concept Services

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Best CRM: Some Finer Points

IStock_000020468314SmallInteresting conversation on "best CRM"

I agree that management must identify some key objectives – focus on real issues... one of my current prospects is considering spending upwards of $100k a year – and from what we can tell it won’t help sales people get more leads (marketing) or be more efficient (right tools) – it is to streamline the process of discount approvals – so, they want to spend more money to make it easier to give away money? After I had a little rain on their parade, I don’t think I changed any hearts but I got the owner and cfo attention – they are now rethinking. Ultimately, we may not be the right solution, but they really need to think about what they are spending money on.

The one thing that is missed is “what will make sales people want to use it” – there is data entry –

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