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David Lewis on Building a Demand Factory. Listen While You Work!

This program originated with Leadspace Radio, the host is Damon Waldron and his guest is David Lewis  of  DemandGen.  Leadspace Radio is broadcast on the SLMA Live channel by Leadspace 

Davidlewis_lsradioHear top demand generation expert David Lewis tell you how to build your own lead generation demand factory. He maps a plan

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White Paper: 12 High Velocity Metrics That Drive Sales

12 High Velocity Metrics That Actually Drive Sales   (Also called the Free Cheat Sheet)

Published by: Inside Sales

Author: Ken Krogue

Length: 2 Dynamic pages with the road map for sales success

SLMA Score:   Three out of four stars.  Short paper.  Not much on what to do about the implied problems.  Strong scent of self-serving here.  But it delivera on the 12 metrics list, but doesn't help you to decide what is a good score with a few exceptions.   Could be much better. 

Paper-icon-12-high-velocity-metrics-229Highlights: This is shortest and most comprehensive 12 item list for metrics that drive sales I have seen for a sales manager.

The list tells you what should be measured.  The “how”is up to you.  I would have liked to see Ken’s answers about best practices in addressing these “High Velocity Metrics” but maybe that will come in another white paper. 

I downloaded the white paper and printed it.  The printer had just stopped humming when an inside sales acceleration consultant, Jimmy Cluss (510) 606 9246 called me to see if I had any questions about the white paper, etc.  

Which brings us to the first of the high velocity metrics:

“How fast does your sales team respond to leads?”

I guess they walk the talk.  The other 11 metrics are just as succulent and worth reading and using as a guide.

Recommended for: CSO, Inside Sales Management, Presidents, Marketing Management.


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Listen While You Work: A Study on the Most Effective Lead Follow-Up Strategies

The guest for this SLMA Radio program is Adam Bluemner the managing editor of  Find Accounting Software.  This is a great interview on the most effective follow-up strategies which were analyzed from 63,256 calls. The study is available here. The host this week is Jim Obermayer.

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White Paper From Velocify: Winning Strategies for Optimal Sales Processes

AA-ISPLanding Page Hero  -  950x254 pixels
White Paper:
Winning Strategies for Optimal Sales Processes

Title: Winning Strategies for Optimal Sales Processes: The Inside Sales Process Report

Published by: Velocify

Cost: NA

Length: 23 pages


   More than 400 inside sales leaders completed a 30 question survey for this research.  This report has serious authority.

  • 19 highly informative charts
  • Technology can play a key role in establishing, executing and monitoring effective inside sales processes
  • Fast growing companies challenge salespeople in terms of lead and call volume
  • Intelligent automation early in the sales cycle is crucial

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100,000 Listeners for SLMA Radio Programs

- Three programs on the SLMA Network Reap Viewership -

SLMA Live, an internet radio channel produced by the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA), reported reaching an audience of 100,000 replays.  SLMA LIVE producer and founder of the SLMA, Jim Obermayer, said “The listenership total is from the three programs we broadcast each Thursday: Leadspace Radio, MSPradio and SLMA Radio. Each has a 30-minute program with host and guests, and each has its own website for listener replays. 

Susan Finch, SLMA Radio co-host, said “The originally-aired programs are available for replay

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Article Review: Be Quick or Be Dead…Case Study: 63,256 Calls Prove the Most Effective Web Lead Follow-up Strategy

Adam_large Slma-recommended-187
Be Quick or Be Dead…Case Study: 63,256 Calls Prove the Most Effective Web Lead Follow-up Strategy

Title: 2015 B2B Web to Phone Qualifications Study

Published by:  Adam Bluemner, Managing Editor for Find Accounting Software

Author: Adam Bluemner

Cost: NA

Length: 19 Pages


  • Must read study for every inside sales manager
  • How the speed of follow-up affects results.
  • Average number of calls to qualify a lead?
  • Contact success rate by call number?
  • Qualification rate by call number?
  • Chart: First call contact rate by time until call
  • Chart: First call results by time until call.
  • How many follow-up calls should be made?
  • Waiting to call web leads ruins contact and qualification rates
  • Most salespeople give up too quickly
  • When is the best time for follow-up? 
  • The advantage in sales goes to those that are quick

I was struck by the statement that speed of follow-up truly affects vendor preference.  It makes sense and there has been evidence of it in other studies but this nails it.  You will be surprised at the exact time for the best follow-up. 

Recommended for: Presidents, CSO, Inside Sales Management, Marketing Management.

Download Link


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Having lost sight of our objectives, we need to redouble our efforts!

IStock_000003420564SmallHow many times, as sales slip and sales reps complain about marketing, have we heard Marketing say they will redouble their efforts? It isn’t uncommon to believe that to increase sales you should increase sales activities. But let’s back up for a moment and decide first what the objectives are before spending more money to create more leads that are often ignored in the first place.

If sales are slipping, review/do the following:

1. Is sales lead follow-up at the 60-80% level at any given time (20-40% is still in the pipeline)? ____ Yes ___ No

2.If follow-up is not happening:

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Victor Kippes Unscripted. Listen While You Work!

Industry stats indicate it takes fewer touches to make a sale from an exhibit visitor. If this is true, companies should be trying to go to as many shows as possible and the goal should be a high lead count of qualified prospects. In this program, Victor Kippes, President of Validar will describe the Five Ways to Increase Qualified leads by 300%. The host is Jim Obermayer.

Victor covers: 

  • Why qualified leads increase sales by 300% from shows
  • Preparation and planning for qualified leads
  • Lead Category Definitions
  • Treatment - what do do with a lead, especially borrowed interest inquirers
  • Lead capture strategies that align with category defintions

 About Validar Since 2005, Validar Inc. has helped B2B event marketers better understand and...

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Are Sales Leads a Perishable Asset?

How leads are managed makes the difference between a squandered investment or a measurable return on investment!

This article in its complete form has been published on the eti Sales Support sales and marketing blog. Go here to read the complete story with nine recommendations to solve the issue of perishable leads.

 IStock_000010615874_SmallSales leads have a lot in common with perishable fresh fish

When your company spends money on lead generation, the clock starts ticking; each inquiry has a life span.  Some of the leads may take a year to buy, some take six months, and some will take a few months, or a few days.

Michael Falkson, CEO of eti Sales Support, said, “ETI’s experience shows that 80% of inquiries will convert into Market Qualified Leads within 18 business hours. Your chances of success, thereafter, fall dramatically“.

The certainty is that a group of leads from a given month has a life span.  Each month a few make a decision and disappear; they are dead to you.      

Why it matters:

Fast responders sell more than those who are slow, sluggish, unhurried, leisurely, and dawdling in pursuit of a prospect.

Sales Lead Management Association

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