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Article Review: Be Quick or Be Dead…Case Study: 63,256 Calls Prove the Most Effective Web Lead Follow-up Strategy

Having lost sight of our objectives, we need to redouble our efforts!

IStock_000003420564SmallHow many times, as sales slip and sales reps complain about marketing, have we heard Marketing say they will redouble their efforts? It isn’t uncommon to believe that to increase sales you should increase sales activities. But let’s back up for a moment and decide first what the objectives are before spending more money to create more leads that are often ignored in the first place.

If sales are slipping, review/do the following:

1. Is sales lead follow-up at the 60-80% level at any given time (20-40% is still in the pipeline)? ____ Yes ___ No

2.If follow-up is not happening:

a.Order the salespeople to follow up all inquiries until the prospect buys or dies. If they refuse, fire them. They are throwing away a corporate asset as surely as if they were dropping corporate cash out of a car window at 60 miles per hour. If you wouldn’t let that happen, why let them waste sales leads by not following up 100% of them?

b.Do you have a marketing automation system in place to aid in follow-up?

3. Are the salespeople getting enough leads to make quota? They need, on average, ten raw inquiries or five qualified leads for every sale that is expected of them. ___ Yes ___ No

These are marketing’s true objectives. 

    a. Measure the lead count for every territory not making quota. Fix it. 

    b. Don’t create more leads than are needed for those making quota. Spend less. 

    c. Create qualified leads (BANT) not more inquiries.

4. Does the lead count exceed their ability to follow up 100% of the leads assigned?
___ Yes ___ No

If yes, get an outside qualification service to filter the leads for immediate sales- ready leads.

5. If the lead count continues and sales rise, add more salespeople to the sales force.

These five simple steps will solve the majority of sales issues, so redoubling your efforts is worthwhile if you redouble the right activity.

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