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Article Review: Be Quick or Be Dead…Case Study: 63,256 Calls Prove the Most Effective Web Lead Follow-up Strategy

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Be Quick or Be Dead…Case Study: 63,256 Calls Prove the Most Effective Web Lead Follow-up Strategy

Title: 2015 B2B Web to Phone Qualifications Study

Published by:  Adam Bluemner, Managing Editor for Find Accounting Software

Author: Adam Bluemner

Cost: NA

Length: 19 Pages


  • Must read study for every inside sales manager
  • How the speed of follow-up affects results.
  • Average number of calls to qualify a lead?
  • Contact success rate by call number?
  • Qualification rate by call number?
  • Chart: First call contact rate by time until call
  • Chart: First call results by time until call.
  • How many follow-up calls should be made?
  • Waiting to call web leads ruins contact and qualification rates
  • Most salespeople give up too quickly
  • When is the best time for follow-up? 
  • The advantage in sales goes to those that are quick

I was struck by the statement that speed of follow-up truly affects vendor preference.  It makes sense and there has been evidence of it in other studies but this nails it.  You will be surprised at the exact time for the best follow-up. 

Recommended for: Presidents, CSO, Inside Sales Management, Marketing Management.

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Disclaimer:  This review was conducted independently without the advice or consent of the publisher.  The author, Adam Bluemner was a guest on SLMA Radio on September 17, 2015 to discuss the study.   Replays of this program are available on September 21, 2015.

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