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White Paper: Productivity Metrics for Presales Roles – Lead Development for Inside Sales

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Published by:
  Direct Marketing Partners

Author: Tom Judge and Jose da Costa

Cost: NA

Length: 6 Pages – short but insightful

Highlights: The authors make an excellent case for separating the inside sales function into the pre-sales/lead qualification role and the actual sales role, which includes presenting and quota attainment.  There is no date on the report that I can find, but it quotes 2010-2012 stats from the Bridge Group.  I believe, however, that the numbers have not changed much in the past few years, and the report assumptions and recommendations are still valid.

  • There are 8 Charts:
    • 5 main functions of the pre-sales team,
  • 7 calling activities of the pre-sales team,
  • Ramp-up times for new rep productivity,
  • Average dials per day, per rep,
  • Average number of conversations per day, per rep,
  • 3 charts demonstrating DMP activity in comparison to ramp-up time, dials per day, and conversations per day.
  • Quotes the Bridge Group, Inc. 2012-2010 Lead Generation Metrics & Compensation Report.
  • SLMA Opinion: DMP’s average rep per day dials and conversations are above average.
  • SLMA Opinion: DMP’s ramp-up time at 2-3 weeks (depending on the hours committed to) is about right.

Key Findings:

  • Pre-sales activities have a direct impact on the quality and quantity of sales- ready pipeline.
  • The cost to staff a pre-sales function may be underestimated by most companies.
  • Be sure to staff and run campaigns according to the size of the sales funnel volume in order to drive quota attainment and staffing level.
  • Consider going to an outside lead development firm to achieve KPIs at a more reasonable cost than full-time pre-sales people.  There is also the implication that salespeople productivity will increase and quality of the leads will be amplified by using an outside firm.

Recommended for: Presidents, CMOs, CSO, Inside sales management

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