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Pipeline Failure: Four Reasons that Make Sales Managers Look Clueless

Being a sales manager is a frustrating job.  Relying on a pipeline to forecast the business is probably the riskiest and most difficult part of the job.   In this short interview, Rod Sloane an acknowledged expert in Sales Pipeline Management, discusses four of the reasons pipelines fail to deliver as promised and when a sales manager fails to deliver on the forecast, looking clueless is not the worst of his or her troubles.  

In this frank discussion, Rod believes the lack of pipeline management is the primary contributor to the turn-over in the sales management ranks.   He covers the four reasons pipelines fail and it will surprise you how simple it can be to solve the issue.  

250-SLMARADIO-rodsloane Rod Sloane

Rod Sloane produces the UK based “No-Bull Sales & Marketing Alignment Radio Show” available on He is a conference speaker who tackles how companies manage leads, create opportunities and generate revenue. Mr. Sloane is the founder of the LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Alignment Group that has over 8,000 members. Rod says it is a
bout your people, your language and your culture. Sloane has his own consultancy aptly named, Rod Sloan.     

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