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White Paper Review: Why You Need Marketing and Sales Synergy

 Marketing and Sales Synergy

Published by:  Pedowitz Group: The Revenue Marketing Agency

“A ‘sales alignment’ is the term most often used to describe this pivotal relationship, but if you closely examine it in the environment of successful revenue marketing, a more appropriate term is ‘synergy.’ Let’s look at the definition of each term and then more fully examine this critical relationship for all revenue marketers.”

And so the 20-page ride begins to make a strong case of actual teamwork between Sales and Marketing.


1. Linear or orderly arrangement,

2. Positioning of something for proper performance,

3. Support or alliance.

Synergy: Synergy comes from the Greek word synergia, meaning joint work and cooperative action.

1. Synergy is when the result is greater than the sum of the parts. Synergy is created when things work in concert together to create an outcome that is in some way of more value than the total of what the individual inputs are. Which definition sounds more like a model for relationship success and for revenue marketing success? Of course, it’s synergy! Synergy is the end-state description of your relationship with Sales, so let’s further explore what this relationship looks like.

Author: Debbie Qaqish, Author of Rise of the Revenue Marketer.  Interviewed on SLMA Radio.

Cost: NA

Length: 20 Pages

From the introduction of the paper


Revenue marketing will not happen without sales alignment.
  • Sales and marketing alignment is really a synergistic relationship.
  • There are four steps to the revenue marketing journey.
  • Revenue language between sales and marketing is important.
  • There must be shared goals.
  • There are five ‘Change Steps’ to bring about synergy.
  • 15 quotes and mini-stories from CMOs and SVPs from major companies.

Recommended for: Presidents, CMOs, CSO, marketing department members.

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