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Salary for Chief Marketing Technologist

DM-Slider-e1428426044599Momdo's Digital Marketing Salary Guide says that a Chief Marketing Technologist is compensated between $144,000 on the low end, $191,000 on average and $248,000 on the high end. The only jobs that pay more appear to be the Chief Digital Officer and the Chief Marketing Officer. The range of compensation is driven by time in previous jobs of this title and the size of the company.  

Before you close your door and rewrite your resume, SimplyHired says the average compensation for a chief digital marketing technologist is a bit lower at $89,000.    

A nice article by Scott Brinker in ChiefMarTech.com has more about the subject.  My searches on the title didn't produce as much as estimates for other jobs.  It could because this job description is relatively new and most of the jobs are in enterprise level companies.   

Excuse me, I have to update my resume

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