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Salaries for Marketing Operations Management


IStock_000000692331Small (1)I am curious about a lot of things. Today it happens to be what the salary range is for marketing operations management. Here is what I found.

As you expect, the numbers are varied depending on the city, company, time in the job, and previous experience; it all counts.   Many of the averages are simply from the jobs listed on these sites.   Regardless, I found the following on the internet on July 6, 2015. 

What it means to me is that Marketing Operations is drawing some good salaries, and this doesn’t count the rest of a compensation package (benefits and bonuses which can be from 25-30% more on top of the salary).

 From Glass Door:  Marketing Operations Manager Salaries in San Francisco

62 Salaries, Updated Jun 27, 2015

National Avg $91,350

Reports an average $82,000 Salary for San Francisco.  $99,000 for Chicago.  $103,000 for Atlanta.  $86,000 in Los Angeles.  $85,000 for Detroit. 

Simply Hired

Average Marketing Operations Manager Salaries

The average salary for marketing operations manager jobs is $68,000.

 Average marketing operations manager salaries can vary greatly due to company, location, industry, experience and benefits. This salary was calculated using the average salary for all jobs with the term "marketing operations manager" anywhere in the job listing.

Career Bliss

108 Marketing Operations Manager Salaries

Marketing Operations Managers earn $75,000 annually on average, or $36 per hour, which is 21% more than the national average for all working Americans. Our data indicates that the best paid Marketing Operations Managers work for Sun Microsystems at $140,000 annually while the lowest paid Marketing Operations Managers work for oneCare earning approximately $51,000 each year.

Marketing Operations Management is definitely an up and coming career position. In a follow-on blog entry we will explore the job descriptions of marketing operations managers.  If someone wants to share a Marketing Operations Job Description, please send it to me at:

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