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"You can't make me put my phone number

or company address on our website"


It’s amazing how many websites I visit that do not include a phone number, email address, or address; just an email form.  These websites belong to the same people who place a banner on the home page saying:  “But we really, really, really want to hear from you. We listen to the ‘customer.’” How can these companies ‘listen’ to the customer if they don’t provide a phone number?

Why its important:

                           When you fail to put your phone number, address, country and state on your website you are failing and frustrating your customers and prospects. 

When did obscurity become a desirable trait on websites?  I am appalled at the anonymity that companies put forth on their sites.   It seems they are saying: “Just buy my product, but I don’t want to talk to you before or after the sale.”

The “Contact Us” page is often designed only to send an email into an anonymous inbox.  When you


  1. Put your company phone number and address on the site.
  2. Are there short-executive bios on the website? 
  3. Review the “Contact Us”page on your website.  Does it have:
    • Company phone number?                              
    • Corporate vs. other office designations?         
    • Address by country?
    • How to contact sales?
    • How to contact customer or technical service?
    • Corporate office (HR, Accounting, etc.)?
    • Use the contact form to ask why they are contacting you.  Multi-choice questions and spaces for answers work, or even just an open form.

Calling into the company isn’t much better

When calling into a company, it is equally inexcusable to find out that:

  • People who answer the phone have no idea who the executives are!  “Sorry I don’t know who the president is, I am only in Sales.”   
  • Executives do not have a voice mail box.  It’s as if they don’t exist.  “Sorry, I think I know who he is but he doesn’t have a phone mail box.” The implication is, “This person is so important to our company we can’t let anyone talk to him/her.”
  • If you get someone on the phone and you have the CMO’s or president’s name, very often no one knows them.  “Sorry I never heard their name, I’m just in Customer Service.”
  • The recorded voice answering the phone gives you two choices:  Sales and Customer Service.  What about the executive offices, finance, etc.?
  • The employee directory doesn’t list the company executives. You hear the voice say, “Touch 9 for the corporate directory.” You enter the name, but that person is not listed.  They do not exist.  They can’t be bothered to talk to anyone, much less customers. You know they exist, but no one seems to know them or how to reach them.   


  1. Tell employees who they work for.  No employee should say, “Ah, we have a few hundred employees and I have no idea who the president is.  I’ve only been here a year.”
  2. Enter the executive’s names in the phone directory. 

 If you don’t want to do these things, you don’t want to be found or talk to anyone, and if your address and phone number appear only on invoices, for everyone’s sake please stop talking about how important the customer is to you. 

 Don’t say you want to hear from them and provide no way for them to reach you.  Just be honest and say: “Please send money and maybe we’ll send you the product.”

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