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White Paper: Calculating Social Media ROI (SLMA Recommended)

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White Paper Title: Calculating Your Social Media Marketing Return on Investment

 A How-To Guide for New Social Media Marketers

iContact President Geoffery Alexander was a guest on SLMA Radio on May 28th.  In reviewing iContact’s site in preparation for the radio program, I read this white paper and liked the research approach and results. 

The subject is: Social media ROI  

Published by: iContact

Cost:  NA


This paper is based on interviews with 414 iContact customers. Their challenges and goals broke down to three items:

  1. Lack of time.
  2. Uncertainty about how to determine ROI.
  3. Lack of knowledge about social media.

A discussion follows about the important role social media plays in the customer purchasing process

of awareness, listening, purchase and advocacy.   There are four steps that iContact says must be considered to strengthen and calculate social media contributions.
  1. Strengthen your brand: There are many formulas to help you understand brand reach, content reach, shares, content engagement, brand engagement, attention and positive sentiment.  This alone is worth the read.
  2. Acquire Contacts:  Followers, posts, etc.
  3. Generate Sales: Four ways to attribute and gauge social media efforts.
  4. Gain Community Participants:  Getting others to market for you.  This section had two examples, but it could have been longer.

Conclusion and Appendix

Recommended for: CMO, Marketing People of all stripes, CFOs that wonder why the money is spent on marketing.

Click here for a copy of this e-book.

 Disclaimer:  This review was conducted independently without the advice or consent of the publisher.  iContact is not a sponsor for the SLMA.   Geoff Alexander, the president of iContact was interviewed on SLMA Radio on May 28th.  Click here to listen. 

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