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Threat Brief 2015 from Webroot Replay on MSP Radio

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Security threats are turning into real issues for everyday companies and some not so everyday companies (Federal government employees for instance).   This is a replay from MSP Radio's show in May. We felt it was important enough to share again with you.  

On this episode of MSPradio, host Nate Teplow chats with Brian Coffey, Technical Channel Account Manager at Webroot, about the 2015 Threat Brief that Webroot recently published and what MSPs need to know to better protect their clients from the latest data security threats.   This show originally aired on May 7th and in a replay on SLMA Radio on June 18th. 

There’s absolutely a correlation between both having the right technology in place but also having a well-educated user base. So think that’s absolutely a strategy that MSPs to consider; am I putting the best security technology in place for my computers? 
But also I might be making my customers aware of what the prevalent threats are, how threats get on to an end point and doing a little bit more endings or education I think could have a big impact in keeping their customers and partners safe.
We see the complexity of threats continuing to grow and the creativity that we see coming from these engineers. 
We see it more and more focused on the financial rewards and benefits that they can achieve from these different models. I think that really illustrates the speed and the complexity that we’re seeing. It really illustrates that security has to continue to be a focus for both consumers and for businesses and there has to be an attention to what types of security products are we offering to try to keep end points and people safe.
Listen to this replay to hear the full story.
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