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7 DIY Tips for Marketers & Entreprenuers


1. Check all of your site footers for current copyright date.

You've seen the sites - © 2011, 2012, etc. How can you trust the efficiency and competency of a company that misses a detail  that is on EVERY PAGE of their site, cart, blog, podcast station?

2. Trusting Demo flash drives - it's like inviting someone you met in a bar to sleep at your house.

Really, what do you know about that company other than they gave away a demo flash drive at a trade show or conference? How about your client who sends you a drive with 5 images on it? STOP doing that! Have them upload to Google Drive or Dropbox. They are both encrypted on upload and at rest. So much simpler and the you don't open up your system and network to the "one-night-stand nasties."

3. Making changes to your website or campaigns? Document them in Analytics.

One of the easiest ways to measure the effectiveness of a change in themes, banners, sitemap, feed service, social media systems, content, menus is to document those changes in Analytics using annotations. It gives you a starting point. Take the 30 seconds to add to your online journal of your site. It will save you hours of guessing "what happened?" later.

More here and quick video >

4. When was the last time you tested your subscription process? 

Don't forget to try out your calls to action on your own site. If you don't like the process, chances are new potential customers won't either. Be objective, remove your ego and try it out as a bystander who happens on your site from Google Search.

5. Speaking of search - think your home page is the most common landing page?

It may be, but you may be missing opportunities on some of the other popular pages. Review your analytics to see where they are coming in, and from where. THEN, make sure you are delivering the content they expect. While you're at it, make sure you have a direct, simple call to action. Try to de-clutter those pages as much as possible to keep them focused, and wanting to stay longer or give you their email. 

6. Where's your D*mn Contact information?

I understand the point is to sell your products. But HUMANS created the product or service and HUMANS must support the product or service. Where are the humans on your site? How can we reach the humans? If you are so popular you cannot keep up with website inquiries and people contacting you directly through your site - go cry me a river - oh, boo hoo - you are way to popular. HIRE some HUMAN to help you keep up. Faces, titles, positions, snail mail address, support or inquiry phone - these are the basics you should have links to on EVERY PAGE OF YOUR WEBSITE - put it by that current copyright year if you want to tuck it away - but DO IT.

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7. Mobile browsers can be pickier on vague links. Choose a target!

It used to be we could create a link on a site, and by default it would replace the window you were on with the linked window; unless you chose a target to open a new window or _blank. Not so with mobile browsers. You are asked the question frequently, "would you like to open a new tab?" To avoid this, make sure you select a target of either "_self" or "_blank" unless your website editor has it built in to have "_self" as the default when you don't choose anything.

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Tips provided by SLMA Director of Online Marketing, Susan Finch. You can subscribe to her free tips here >

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