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Published by: Velocify

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  •  22 Pages
  • A list of 15 factors that separate High Performers from Underperformers
  • Authors: Steve W. Martin (author & consultant) and Nick Hedges CEO Velocify

 The first three pages include housekeeping issues: a percentage listing of study participants by company size, a mention that nearly 200 salespeople answered the survey, the type of salespeople, and quota achievement, etc.  

This is a great guide by reputable authors;  the study with a participation of nearly 200 people is statistically significant.  If sales managers will only read it and heed the research they will be far ahead of their competitors. It would more accurate to have at least 100 respondents for each of the company size categories, but that may be asking too much. I am sending it to several company presidents.  

Why its important:

If sales managers will only read it and heed the research

they will be far ahead of their competitors.

Page 6 reveals three categories differentiating between top performing and underperforming reps:

  • Evaluate Culture and Perspective
  • Evaluate Leadership and Experience
  • Evaluate Systems and Process

 The 15 factors are further divided into results, and here are some of the outcomes:

 #1 - The higher that inside salespeople rate their sales organization (31% vs. 21%), the more likely they are to meet quota.

  #2 - Sales organization accountability influences individual quota achievement.

 #5 - There are fewer pessimists among high-performing inside salespeople (2% vs. 12%).

 #7 - High-performing inside salespeople value different attributes of great sales managers.

 #9 - High-performing inside salespeople are in more frequent contact with their sales managers (87% vs. 70%).

 #11 - Inside salespeople at companies that closely monitor or strictly enforce a lead follow-up process are more likely to exceed quota.  (SLMA Bold Face)

 #13 - When competing for new accounts, high-performing inside salespeople lose business early in the sales cycle.

 Recommended for: Sales Leaders

 Click here for a copy of this research report.

 Disclaimer:  This review was conducted independently without the advice or consent of the  Velocify the publisher.  Velocify is a major sponsor for the SLMA and the CEO Nick Hedges has been on the SLMA Radio program several times as well as Jorge Jeffery, Velocify‚Äôs Senior Manager, Strategic Intelligence. 

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