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Posting to various social media venues requires a change of content.


Every social media venue has it's own language and style of posts. Some are hashtag laden, some prefer warmer stories, and some are all business.  You wouldn't wear the same outfit to a wedding, a business conference, a BBQ and a cocktail party - or would you? If you think one look covers it all, you may want to stop reading. If you only think you need to change shoes, stop reading.

Let's first cover the posting, not commenting styles for these venues that are often or exclusively used for business.


Include a LINK to something, unless you are sure that the inspiring quote you are posting is a standalone. But you have my attention for that VERY brief second or two - make it count. 

Find the company or people you are referring to and @mention them to give them an alert that someone is talking about them.

Use a hashtag or two if you want to come up for that key word or two. BUT, if in doubt, check who is already using that hashtag. You may not want it associated with you or the company you are mentioning.

Including an image? It's not a very big space - don't clutter it, keep the space in mind: 440 pixels wide by 220 pixels tall. Sharing a photo? 1024 pixels wide by 512 pixels tall. I actually recommend a 2:1 ratio of up to 880 x 440 pixels for higher res monitors, but remember, folks will also be viewing on phones so don't think that means you can cram a paragraph of content onto a graphic.


Is this for your PAGE or your PROFILE. Tell me you aren't using your personal profile as a business, please. Profile is for those you'd invite over for a BBQ. Page is your shingle with ever-changing menu or display window or catalog. Are you sharing a post from your website? Easy as it is to automate, you'd be better uploading a FRESH image to FB 1200 pixels square. Facebook seems to "encourage" more people to see your post when you upload a video or image DIRECTLY to them, rather than simply linking to YouTube or your site.

THEN, add a bit about the image, rather than just repeating the same headline and abstract that will pull in when you post the link in the same area. Why are you bothering to share this link or image? Tell a short story. 

While you're at it, if you are brick and mortar, don't forget to create alliances with other businesses by you so you can help to promote each other's content giving it more validity and credibilty.

Feel free to mention other businesses, but this is not a hashtag place.

LinkedIn - THIS is critical for credible businesses. Is that you? Prove it.

Don't simply copy your blog post, change the headline and "publish" a post on LinkedIn. 

Also, don't simply share a linked article or turn it on auto PUSH  IT OUT, especially if it's posting to groups on LinkedIn. Moderators will regard you as a spammer. Ever notice those articles that have a share, but it's the same headlines and first words of the abstract? Don't be that person. Usually those folks are also only sharing THEIR content. Tell us WHY you thought we'd be interested. What point did you agree or disagree with? What stood out? 

Try to keep a SHARED link post to ONE topic. Try not to combine a link to one article with a link to your own on the same topic. What is dominant? Pick ONE topic. 

Shared image size limit is 100 MB. Uh, that's pretty huge. Knock it down for those of us viewing on mobile devices or we will move on if we aren't on wifi.


Post to your PAGE as THE PAGE. Post to your Business Places PAGE when you have new products, menu items, services you offer - talk about it visually and then ADD A DESCRIPTION. That's one thing most people forget on Google+ in all areas. Your profile photo can act as an SEO magnet for you and your brand. Same with your banner. Take the time to craft a great description drawing attention to your shiny offerings. Review it from time to time or update it with a new image.

Hashtags are common on Google+. But, this is a more warm venue, meaning, tell a story. First, give us the time then tell us how to make the watch. Share with your circles, the public and make sure your team also shares the content.

Pinterest - the powerhouse of microblogs .

Pinterest has a powerful search and is a no hashtag zone, if possible. You must be following at least one board of someone you wish to @mention. If they post too much, just follow ONE of their boards - not the entire account. Images should be bold and vertical 600 pixels wide for pinned images. You can go as TALL as you want! Perfect for infographics and step-by-step instructions. This is a wonderful venue for that personal touch in your pin post and your unique personality. Get to the point, but humor is appreciated. Two of my most repinned pins are a geek joke about pi and an art project on Tessellations


When you add a video, have the description include some timestamps in this format: 00:15 to call attention to specific points. Don't rely on the auto captions YouTube generates - you'll see you have a lot of dead air and it may bum you out.

If you post the same YouTube video to your own site, be sure to treat it as a talking point. There are very few things as annoying as listening to a speaker at a conference who READS their PowerPoint presentation. Don't do that with your videos, either. Be inspired to continue the conversation or break it down into shorter clips. It's much more interesting. Then, if you share it, you can give a quick point they'll learn from that specific clip or a rant or quote that will make them have the Scooby Doo reaction.

In all of these venues, your team members should be expected to also share properly, not lazily. Using a company hashtag will help you track what they do. If it's on Facebook, ask them to share with PUBLIC, not just their friends. If they MUST friend your clients and strategic partners, ask them to put them in the "restricted" group so that only their PUBLIC posts end up in the client's stream rather than the puppies, kitties and birthdays in the family.

Also, follow the 80/20 rule and be a RESOURCE rather than a crammer of your own content.



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