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E-Book Review: A Guide to Lead Nurturing


 Disclaimer: This review was conducted independently without the advice or consent of the publisher. The company is not a sponsor of the SLMA. The company was asked for artwork should the review be published. 

Blog_image2Published by: Active Internet Marketing (Agency)

Cost: Free

•27 Pages
•Seven Chapters
•Loaded with Statistics
•Loaded with How-To Directions

This e-book reads like a book and not simply a white paper or an article on steroids. It is not a direct pitch for services, but the reader will be curious about the authors and their services if they know this much about the topic. We enjoyed the book as it presented some new insights and reminded us of the basics. Nice work.

Introduction: Slams you with the stat that only 27% of B2B leads are sales-ready.

1. Chapter One: Fundamentals with Lead Nurturing Stats
    a.25% of the leads are legitimate and should advance to sales

 b.65% of B2B marketers have not yet established lead nurturing
    c.Only 5% of marketers use a full-featured marketing automation solution
    d.35-50% of sales go to companies that respond first
    e.Lead Nurturing Basics
    g.5 Steps for Creating Success

2. Chapter Two: Text Messaging – (SLMA Note: Best chapter; a real eye opener)
    a.Texting: A New Way of Sales and Lead Nurturing
    b.Dating vs. Marketing and Sales
    c.Tips for text messaging to nurture leads properly

3. Chapter Three: Lead Nurturing Through Email
    a.5 Vital Email Marketing Statistics
    b.Best Practices
    c.Getting Started with Lead Nurturing Emails

4. Chapter Four: Lead Nurturing with Phone Calls
    b.Knowing the right time
    c.Knowing what to say
    d.Implementing a phone lead nurture campaign

5. Chapter Five: Lead Nurturing Through Social Media
    a.  Stats
    b.6 Tips to Leverage Your Facebook for Lead Nurturing
    c.Twitter: Goals When Using Twitter
    d.Linked-In: Basics
    e.Pinterest: 5 ways to Use it

6. Chapter Six: Lead Nurturing with Newsletters
    a.E-Newsletter Stats
    b. Best Practices

7. Chapter Seven: Reaching Your Goals.

Overall, a good concise approach to lead nurturing, backed-up by industry statistics. Recommended for marketing staff and operations.

Click here for a copy of this e-book.

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