Recipe for PR that Fuels Marketing/Drives Sales

Cartoon: Real Marketing is a work of art.



When you think about it, buying growth is what market people do every day that they come to work.  They hammer day after day into the marketplace to find the most qualified buyers.  At least that’s what they are supposed to do. 

Unfortunately, anyone can say they are a marketer, there is no marketing manager bar exam that

says they are qualified.  There are no internships that are required before they earn the title marketer.  All they have is a body of work.  

Will the work be collateral and websites, blog entries and white papers or campaigns that produced measurable sales?  I love it when marketers talk about campaigns that produced sales, not just raw leads and qualified leads, but real measureable sales gains.  When this happens it is a work of art.

Who can you recommend that creates wealth?

Give us the names of marketers that create wealth through campaigns.   We’ll publish them.  But make sure they generate an ROI from sales leads in a predictable manner.  They are the ultimate marketers.  

Name and company please.  One sentence explanation needed.   B2B and B2C marketers. No self-nominations please. 


 This cartoon has been created by Stu Heinecke of CartoonLink.    Its sponsor is HubSpot inbound sales and marketing software. 


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