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Cartoon: When a company president asks my advice about growing the company, I tell him "Find a good marketer."



 When a company president asks me what can be done to grow the company, I tell him to find a good marketer who knows how to manage leads.

“Great marketers, pound for pound, create more wealth for your company,” I tell him, “than any other person in the company, and they can prove it.   Not-so-great marketers create some wealth, but they can't prove it.” 

“Great marketers create demand and then manage the prospects to get the most revenue.  Not-so-great marketers don't know how to manage the inquirers, so leads and return on investment suffers.”

“Great marketers create qualified leads.   Not-so-great marketers create lots of prospects, but they don't know how to create a qualified prospect.”

“Great marketers have the best CRM system installed, because the cost of the system is chump change compared to its value as a company asset.  Not-so-great marketers seldom consider the CRM system to be part of the marketing wealth management process; to them it’s just a data entry system.”

“Great marketers have the best marketing automation system, because the cost of the system is spare change compared to the ROI it produces in automated follow-up.  Not-so-great marketers think the marketing automation software is just an email response system.”

“Great marketers spend money on lead generation sources that produce the most revenue.  Not-so-great marketers don’t know the difference between leads that create revenue and those that are competitors, students or prisoners.”

So, what kind of marketer are you?   Are you a creator of wealth?  Can you prove it?  Do you manage the leads with the best tools?  Or are you one of the not-so-great marketers who mean well, create wealth, can’t prove it, don’t have tools to maximize the ROI, or even worse - - have the CRM and marketing automation tools, but don’t use them?

As James Allen[i] said, “You are what you think.”   I think you are what you think and act on.

This cartoon has been created by Stu Heinecke of CartoonLink.    Its sponsor is  Sales Leakage Consulting

[i] James Allen, “As a Man Thinketh,“ 1903 

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