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Cartoon: "That's awfully forward of you to ask what my idea of an ideal prospect is, Edward"

Stu Heinecke our Humor Relations contributor and radio host (Contact Marketing Radio) from CartoonLink makes us think with this cartoon.  Does marketing really know what sales thinks an ideal prospect is?  If they know, what action do they take to find more of the ideal and less of the less than ideal?    Is marketing too embarrassed to ask?  Is sales too timid to let marketing know the profile of the ideal prospect?  Maybe it’s time to get together and discuss it. 


   (This cartoon may be copied and used as shown with attribution without additional permission)

Ask Stu about his CEO Contact Program.  He is the only agency I know that has had a 100% response rate for several programs. Yep, 100%.     Stu also runs Contact Marketing a Seattle based agency.

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