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Cartoon on Sales Lead Follow-up: Not so funny when you think about it


Sales Lead follow-up is always a struggle.  When salespeople failed to follow-up leads, CRM software was supposed to be the fix and it has to a degree (accountability).  Marketing automation software was supposed to solve it when CRM software fell short and it has to a degree (automated follow-up).  

These software programs can make up some of the inadequacies of the salespeople and their managers by holding salespeople accountable and proactively communicating the prospect.  Neither, however, can realize the full revenue potential if the salespeople can’t complete it by talking to the prospect.  Yes, it is that simple.   In B2B this still matters.  In B2C, unless it is a considered purchase, not so much anymore.

Why it Matters:

Without 100% follow-up of all sales inquiries and leads a company will waste 80% of its marketing budget. 


Talking to the prospect may take from 3-6 (or more) attempts, but nothing replaces it.  And yet, failure of the simple task of follow-up is costing billions of dollars a year and a huge investment in automated systems all because a salesperson aren’t doing  the basics of their job. 

I have solved this many times, by a simple fiat that salespeople under my management will follow-up 100% of the inquiries and leads given to them or find another job. Results materialize over 3-6 months as the 100% follow-up policy takes effect in the pipeline.   The marketing automation system helps tremendously in follow-up with customized information based on the attributes, actions and persona of the inquirer.

Couple these actions (leadership and follow-up) with the power of a CRM and marketing automation system and the combination is unbeatable.  

This cartoon has been created by Stu Heinecke of CartoonLink.    Its sponsor is Mark Freidman of the Velos Group, a Salesforce automation consultancy.

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