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A Report on the State of Marketing Maturity: Users are getting business value but not following best practices!

Slma-recommended-187Spear Marketing,  a B2B demand generation agency, released this month a free report on the state of the use of marketing automation, with some surprising statistics.  These statistics can serve as a guide to companies using the technology or considering purchasing the software.  The ‘State of Marketing Automation Maturity’ report is based on the results of more than 100 (a minimum statistical sampling which makes it reasonably projectable) marketing automation users’ responses to an email marketing and social media request. 

MA Maturity Survey Report Cover ImageThe agency started with a hypothesis that marketing automation is underutilized by B2B companies that have the product.  The respondents were assigned a grade depending on a best practices opinion (by the agency, I assume).  The primary result is that current owners are underutilizing the software, with the implied implication that this under-utilization comes at a high price in lost revenue.   Spear Marketing states that the users are “achieving real business value,” but have much room for improvement.  In many categories, they contend best practices in marketing automation are relatively uncommon.

The report broke out the results into the following categories (answers and pie charts):

  1. Analytics and Reporting – Six questions
  2. Programs – Nine questions
  3. Forms and Landing Pages –Four questions
  4. Lead Scoring – Eight questions
  5. Data – Five questions

Aside from the 32 charts and results based on the five categories, there are “17 Key Results” listed.

I am most interested in the analytics portion, which showed:

  • Do you measure and report on the pipeline contribution?
    • Answer: 77.3% said yes.
    • Do you measure and report on the revenue contribution?
      • Answer:  58.6% said yes. 
      • Have you defined the stages in your company’s sales cycle based on industry standards (MQL, SQL, etc.)?
        • Answer: 69.5 % said yes. 

I recommend that readers of this report who have their own marketing automation system in place create a score card to measure themselves against the results, and then make the needed changes to get the most from their system.  Getting the most to me means increases in revenue, or why else would you do this?  There are many actions to take for users that are not immediately measurable in revenue but taken together everything counts.

For those who do not have a marketing automation system in place, the report can provide a road map of how to get the most from your system as you implement it.

When asked which marketing automation platform the respondents used, they reported:

Get report here.


Note:  Spear Marketing and Act-On are both sponsors of the SLMA.  Eloqua, HubSpot and Marketo have sponsored various programs in the past but are not currently sponsors. 


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