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Why did the BMA and ANA Merge? Interview with BMA Chairman Stephen Ligouri

The BMA acquisition by the ANA was announced October 17th and the final paperwork was done at the end of December. Now 32 days into the merger SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer discusses the merger with BMA Chairman Stephen Ligouri and Executive Director Al Magg.

In this interview Obermayer asks why the oldest B2B association in the industry, with an annual conference of 1,000 attendees , 16 chapters and 2500 members would be so enthusiastic about being acquired by the Association of National Advertisers?

As it turns out there are very good reasons for the ANA to buy a premier B2B organization.


Stephen Ligouri, BMA Chairman said (paraphrased)

• The ANA will put the BMA membership (growth) on steroids
• If you are already a member of the ANA you can access the benefits of the BMA.
• Members of the BMA have some access to the ANA
• One the reasons for the merger with the ANA: “The BMA board wanted new ideas for membership and to fulfill our promise to the members
• The ANA has no B2B content which the BMA brings to the merger
• The chapter model of the BMA could be a great contributor to the ANA

Al Maag, BMA Executive Director (paraphrased) 

• The BMA has the best speakers in the world on B2B marketing and we can bring that to the ANA.
• The ANA is now producing the first B2B Marketers Magazine which replaces the B2B Magazine that went away.


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