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How Managing Leads for independent sales channels brings big results! SLMARadio Interview with Jim Labelle

Managing sales leads has always gotten its biggest visibility for those organizations that have direct sales forces. But there are advocates that say that managing leads for the independent channel can be just as fruitful and in many cases more so.

In this interview Jim Labelle of LeadTrack software shares why the right software and the right management of leads for the independent channel can be tremendously productive. Labelle says that in many cases the follow-up of the inquires and leads is substantially higher than those given to a direct sales force. Maybe the channel is hungrier, more grateful or more business like. When your organization can rely on a 80-90% followup of leads, selling through the channel is attractive. About Jim LaBelle

Jim Labelle is the President and owner of LEADTRACK Software. After an exciting career in

telecommunications he purchased LEADTRACK Software as a way to reduce travel while staying involved in sales and marketing. He saw an opportunity in LEADTRACK to leverage his extensive experience in sales and marketing to help companies improve the effectiveness of marketing programs and increase sales through both direct and indirect distribution channels.


LEADTRACK introduced one of the first sales lead management software programs in 1978. For 40 years LEADTRACK has refined its sales lead management software products to keep abreast of changing technology and to include state of the art features allowing clients to optimize sales lead management functions., from a PC, the Web or any mobile device. LEADTRACK solutions are deployed as either a public cloud solution called LEADTRACK on Demand or in a client server design installed on your premise, within your firewall in your private cloud. Our private cloud application called LEADTRACK Complete is comprised of LT Plus and LT Web, allowing access from any device. LT Plus is the core logic for the management and navigation of the LEADTRACK data base. LT Web is a companion product to LT Plus and allows unlimited login users with no monthly subscription fees. LEADTRACK offers closed-loop sales lead management tool for rapidly and effectively importing, distributing, nurturing, and analyzing sales leads. With just a few clicks, you can evaluate all of your demand generation programs. LEADTRACK also permits integration with backend CRM support tools and other business systems.

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