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LeadMD Joins SLMA as Sponsor

LeadMD joins a growing list of sponsors for the Sales Lead Management Association 


The Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) announced that LeadMD, a marketing automation and CRM consultancy firm, has joined the SLMA as a sponsor for 2015.  James Obermayer, CEO of the association said “We welcome LeadMD as an SLMA sponsor and its significant participation is applauded by our 8,500 worldwide members.  Sales lead management is a skill and a process, and LeadMD is a visionary in building its business around performance-based lead management.” 

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How Managing Leads for independent sales channels brings big results! SLMARadio Interview with Jim Labelle

Managing sales leads has always gotten its biggest visibility for those organizations that have direct sales forces. But there are advocates that say that managing leads for the independent channel can be just as fruitful and in many cases more so.

In this interview Jim Labelle of LeadTrack software shares why the right software and the right management of leads for the independent channel can be tremendously productive. Labelle says that in many cases the follow-up of the inquires and leads is substantially higher than those given to a direct sales force. Maybe the channel is hungrier, more grateful or more business like. When your organization can rely on a 80-90% followup of leads, selling through the channel is attractive. About Jim LaBelle

Jim Labelle is the President and owner of LEADTRACK Software. After an exciting career in

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Is low cost enough to save email as a low cost lead gen tool? SLMA Radio Replay

Sylvia Montgomery, Partner at Hinge Marketing tackles a tough question in this SLMA Radio replay about the efficiency of email marketing to generate leads. Email response rates continue to plunge, but many companies cling to it because of cost. Certainly garbage in and poor response out isn’t unusual.   Is it the database?  The Subject line?  The offer?  Sylvia digs deep and gives us some surprising and  interesting answers. 

About Sylvia Montgomery, CPSM SENIOR PARTNER-Hinge Marketing

A Senior Partner and the head of Hinge’s A/E/C practice. When she’s not traveling around the country for speaking engagements or client meetings, you will find Sylvia creating marketing and branding strategies for clients, supervising her A/E/C team, developing new business, or working on her personal brand. With a 20-year career spanning visual communications, strategy, and marketing, and over a decade working in the A/E/C sector, Sylvia brings a creative, business-focused approach to her client engagements. She specializes in agile marketing for professional services firms, creating actionable, research-driven strategies tailored to helping businesses grow. A Starbucks aficionado, Sylvia credits her success to a top-secret formula involving caffeine and yoga. Sylvia came to Hinge from Bowman Consulting, one of the fastest-growing engineering firms in the Mid-Atlantic, where she was Director of Marketing. 

About Hinge Marketing

When it comes to choosing a marketing or branding firm, we don't envy you. There are more options out there than flies in a cow pasture. But if you want a firm that’s at home in your field and is familiar with the challenges you face, Hinge has a lot to offer that you simply won't find elsewhere in a single package: Professional Services Expertise As professional services specialists, we focus on just five market segments: Architecture / Engineering / Construction Accounting & Finance Consulting Government Contracting Technology.


SLMA Announces Winners of the 2014 “50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management” Election


The Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) announced the results of the voting for the “50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management” in 2014. Nominees came from many diverse disciplines including customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation software, database management, lead generation software, consulting, fulfillment, telemarketing, conference management, and publishing. To view the “50 Most Influential Winners” visit the SLMA Website.

Obermayer said, "Each person was peer-nominated and received votes as one of the most influential people in the field of sales lead management. We think of them as creators of wealth, because when leads are managed properly, these individuals use their skill-set to help their company increase lead closure by as much as 200-300%.

The complete list of the most influential people in sales lead management in 2014, in order of most votes received, is on the SLMA website.  

  • Ken Krogue -
  • Stephan Hovnanian - Shovi Websites
  • Dave Elkington -
  • Nick Hedges - Velocify
  • Mick Hollison -
  • David Kreiger - SalesRoads
  • David Capezza - SalesRoads
  • Shawn Naggiar - Act-On Software
  • Ian Moyse - Workbooks
  • Chris Hardeman - Act-On Software
  • Raghu Raghavan - Act-On Software
  • Megan Dahlen - Infor
  • Carlos Hidalgo - ANNUITAS
  • Henry Bruce - The Rock Annand Group
  • Debra da Costa - Direct Marketing Partners
  • Janelle Johnson - Act-On Software
  • Howard Sewell - Spear Marketing Group
  • Maria Pergolino - Apttus
  • Peter Gracey - QuotaFactory & AG Salesworks
  • Jill Konrath - Fresh Sales Strategies
  • Nathan Remmes - NanoLumens
  • Jeff Pedowitz - The Pedowitz Group
  • Adam Needles - ANNUITAS
  • Matt Heinz - Heinz Marketing Inc.
  • Jeanne Hopkins - Continuum Managed IT Services
  • Andrea Becker - LeadMD
  • Karen DeWolfe - interlinkONE
  • Anneke Seley - Reality Works Group
  • Debbie Qaqish - The Pedowitz Group
  • Kyle Porter - SalesLoft
  • Elisa Ciaramentaro - Exceed Sales
  • Jenny Vance - LeadJen
  • Kevin Miller - Salesfusion
  • Nathan Teplow - Continuum Managed IT Services
  • Christine Crandell - New Business Strategies
  • Gil Cargill - Cargill Consulting Group Inc.
  • Mac McIntosh - Mac McIntosh Inc
  • Ardath Albee - Marketing Interactions
  • Craig Rosenberg - TOPO
  • Adrian Chang - Oracle
  • Nikolaus Kimla - Pipeliner CRM
  • Scott Benedetti - The Pedowitz Group
  • Laurie Beasley - Beasley Direct Marketing
  • Mari Anne Vanella - The Vanella Group
  • Mark Traphagen - StoneTemple Consulting
  • Bruce Culbert - The Pedowitz Group
  • Steve Gershik - Swrve
  • Tibor Shanto - Renbor
  • Anna Weidell - StanfordGraduateSchool of Business
  • Eric Enge - StoneTemple Consulting
  • Lori Richardson - Score More Sales LLC

The SLMA served as the independent tabulator of votes and does not endorse the services of those listed. Only SLMA members were allowed to nominate and vote for up to three people (non-members’ votes, duplicate registrations, and non-valid email addresses were not counted).

Oracle Marketing Cloud [#OMC] / Heinz Marketing 2015 Marketing Operations Roundtable – Dec 4th, 2014

The SLMA was invited to be an attendee at the Oracle Marketing Cloud/Heinz Marketing Operations Round-table. Our thanks to both sponsors, it was a great meeting of the minds.

Columbia CenterVenue:  Columbia Tower, Seattle

The Group

Yesterday we had a group of 30 digital marketing leaders from the Seattle area attend our 2015 Marketing Operations Round-table.  To have this brain trust all in one room was a wonderful experience.  Brian Hansford from Heinz moderated the roundtable and we heard from everyone in the room.

Key Trends and Highlights

Here is a summary of some of the trends and highlights that were brought up during today’s roundtable:

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Beyond Alignment: 5 Ways to Integrate Sales and Marketing Teams

LisaCannon_headshot-2014Getting sales and marketing teams into alignment is a hot topic lately, and for good reason. According to a study from the Aberdeen Group, highly aligned marketing and sales organizations achieved an average of 32% year over year revenue growth, while their less-aligned competitors saw a seven percent decrease in revenue. And MarketingProfs has found that organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing functions enjoyed 36% higher customer retention rates. So if we all agree that alignment is critical, and the data proves that it provides tangible business benefits, why isn’t everyone doing it?

It’s simple. Making fundamental changes to the way we work can be extremely difficult. But maybe the problem isn’t that sales and marketing aren’t aligned. Maybe the problem is that alignment just isn’t enough.

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