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Sales lead follow-up is the single greatest contributor to a corporation’s growth.

Corporate growth, good or bad, can be traced to sales lead follow-up!  It counts more than product quality, brand name, or money spent on marketing.  Once you achieve critical mass on follow-up (90%), it is within your power to accurately control your future by spending on marketing programs with predictable outcomes and growing the sales force.  When you achieve this follow-up, a stunning cascade of events occurs:

1.  Sales forecasts are met. 

2. Gross profits surge.

3. Pretax profits jump several points. 

4. Turnover in the sales ranks is reduced.

5. Sales expenses are reduced.

6. Marketing demonstrates a consistent ROI.

This ensues because sales and marketing are simply doing the job the prospect expects: they presume to speak to someone in your company when they inquire.  If you ignore them, they will buy from someone else.

We tackled this same subject in a guest blog entry entitled 8 Ways to Motivate Salespeople to Follow Up Inquiries published today by Dan McDade's (PointClear) blog ViewPoint - - The Truth about Lead Generation. 

    Jim Obermayer

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