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Job Description: Marketing Operations Manager

Sign_wText_200The position of marketing operations manager is surfacing with increased urgency in companies large enough to afford this indispensable position. Granted it is the company that is spending large on lead generation and relies on technology to give them a leg up on the competition that understands the need for this position.  This is our interpretation of the job, give us your thoughts and we'll expand the description.  

Why it’s important:

Marketing cannot be held hostage to an IT department that doesn’t understand or care about Marketing’s mission; it needs a marketing operations manager with a vested interest in the outcome.

 Marketing Operations Manager Job Summary

The Marketing Operations Manager is responsible for developing the strategic marketing operations direction for the company. He/she will manage the people, processes, IT resources and programs that create demand and brand preferences in the marketplace.

Job functions

•Chooses and manages the IT resources (hardware) necessary to host the applications required for campaign management.

•Manages all computer and software resources for the marketing department.

•Manages IT personnel who install and manage all marketing programs (Marketing Automation, CRM, digital lead generation tools) and applications.

•Responsible for the purchase of software and hardware for the marketing department.

•Has a deep knowledge of the various CRM and Marketing Automaton programs which the company operates.

•Has a responsibility to stay abreast of technology for lead generation in the digital world.

•Fulfills a role to ensure that all lead generation campaigns have a projected ROI before launch and measures the results against the estimate.

•Works closely with the demand generation manager/team.

•Has a solid working relationship with the various members of the marketing and sales departments, including product management.

Return on Investment

Proves the return on investment of marketing campaigns. Including raw cost per inquiry and closed cost per inquiry from exhibits, advertising, direct mail, all digital marketing, and every campaign that creates inquires and leads. etc.

Creates sales expectations from the company’s promotional agencies (advertising, direct marketing, public relations) so that they realize they are part of the team that creates revenue for the company.


1. Education: College degree (MBA a plus) in marketing or computer sciences.  Professional sales skills courses, sales management courses, negotiation etc., a plus. Marketing management courses (seminars etc.) a plus. Comparable life experience in lieu of degree a possibility.

2.Experience: 10 years industry experience or proven marketing achievements in a related industry.

3.Knowledge: Strong understanding of product positioning, promotion, and return on marketing investment are needed. At least 8 years of experience in product management, marketing communications.

4.Skills in analytical thinking, results oriented, business savvy, associate and team development, communication, problem solving, negotiation, influence/impact.

5. At least three years running as the same manager of marketing operations position within a corporation.

6.Leadership: Proven leadership skills that lead to significant problem solving.

7.Military leadership experience a plus.  

8. IT Management experience. 

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