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Would You like Your Own Internet Radio Program for pennies per listener?


SLMA Launches Radio Channel for Marketing and Sales Programs

Obermayer interviews Russell Kern for the March 13th program. 

Internet radio is different, because while others think eyeballs are good at dollars per visitor, we think ears are better at pennies per listener  hour.  Ears on internet radio listen for 20-30 minutes at a time.  These aren’t clicks, these are people who want to listen to interviews, experts, commentators, tips and tricks, humor and stories; this is live (and yes replayed) internet radio programming.    And you, your company, your products and your story can be on internet radio for pennies per listener hour.                                     

Why it matters!

Internet Radio is inexpensive,  easy to produce, provides conversational and interesting programming without the cost and structure of webinars. 


Internet radio is increasingly a popular source for information.  And now, after more than three years, and 185 programs and interviews (with 275 C-level executives) which brought 40,000 hours of programming to listeners, the Sales Lead Management Association is expanding from its own radio show and launching its internet radio channel, SLMALive.  

The SLMALive Channel will initially have eight, 30-minute program slots every Thursday.  Eventually, we will expand into a second and third day of programming.    The thought behind the channel is to deliver continuous hours of programming for listeners, though their computers, tablets, and even smartphones, while they work or on the go, or from their iTunes subscription.   I am listening to an episode right now as I write this (The Eight Pillars of Demand Generation for Revenue Acceleration).

Internet radio is different, because while others think eyeballs are good at dollars per visitor, we think ears are better at pennies per listener  hour.


SLMALive programs will focus on marketing and sales solutions for B2B and B2C C-level listeners, as well as others employed in marketing and sales roles. 

Internet Radio:

  • Is easier to produce than a webinar and hugely less expensive.
  • Presents the host’s expertise and knowledge in a more friendly, less threatening manner.
  • Is more convenient and easier than an internet televised program or seminars.
  • Is social media sensitive.
  • Delivers “ears” for hours at a time for pennies per listener, not dollars for click and a 30-second visit to your website.
  • Is heard again and again, as ‘episodes,’ at the listener’s convenience.

Suggested Program Content: 

  • Interviews with your clients or customers
  • “How to” subjects
  • Stories and topical discussions
  • Case studies
  • Discussions with guests about industry subjects
  • Product reviews
  • Rants
  • Product introductions
  • Your company news
  • Employee news
  • Training
  • Testimonial interviews

Want to know more?    

Go here or listen now to YouTube HOA (Hangout on Air) between Susan Finch and Jim Obermayer about the benefits of and excitement around internet radio from SLMALive. Or contact SLMA’s VP of Business Development, our own internet radio expert, Ron Goodman T. 510.471.3874.

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