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The 2013 “50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management”

Voting Ends November 30 for '50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management'

IStock_000016351813SmallHave you voted yet for the individuals you believe are the most influential people in sales lead management?

By going to the Sales Lead Management Association site (members only voting, membership is free), you can vote for up to three people as those most deserving to be one of the 50 for 2013.

Who is on this list that deserves your vote?

The list of nominees is below:


Ardath Albee - Marketing Interactions

Greg Alexander - Sales Benchmark Index

Scott Benedetti - The Pedowitz Group

John Follett - Demand Metric Research Corp.

Mari Anne Vanella - The Vanella Group Inc

Howard Sewell - Spear Marketing Group

Charissa Franklin - Reality Works Group

Adele Revella - Buyer Persona Institute

Christine Crandell - New Business Strategies

Bruce Culbert - The Pedowitz Group

Debra da Costa - Direct Marketing Partners

Robyn Davis - When I Need Help (WINH)

Debbie Qaqish - The Pedowitz Group

Chele Butler - Laser Image Dallas

Jeff Pedowitz - The Pedowitz Group

Keith (KC) Lincoln - SmartBear Software

Tom Judge - Direct Marketing Partners

Vince Koehler - Sales Benchmark Index

Gil Cargil - Gil Cargill Consulting Group, Inc.

Barbara Morris - Laser Image Dallas

Dave Elkington - Inside Sales

Michael Critchfield - Inside Sales

Ken Krogue - Inside Sales

Tim Slevin - Healthcare Data Solutions

Anneke Seley - Realty Works Group

Christopher Ryan - Fusion Marketing

Nick Hedges - Velocify

Julio Viskovich - HootSute

Jenny Vance - LeadJen

Steve Richard - Vorsight

Justin Gray - LeadMD

Jamie Grenney - Infer Inc.

Chris Hardeman - Act-On

Carlos Hidalgo - ANNUITAS

Janelle Johnson - Act-On

Jill Rowley - Oracle

Russell King - LeadMaster

Victor Kippes - Validar Inc

Thomas Dekle - IBM

David Kreiger - SalesRoads

Shawn Naggiar - Act-On

Kevin Miller - SalesFUSION

Abiel Medina - FPX

Kyle Porter - SalesLoft

Deborah Pierce - NitroMojo

Maria Pergolino - Apttus

Henry Bruce - Centro

Karla Blalock - PointClear

Laura McGuire – Saligent

Bryan Brorsen - SalesStaff LLC

Andy Brownell - LeadMaster

Shashi Upadhyay - Lattice

Kevin Thornton - VanillaSoft

Michael Surgen - Dell Secureworks

Dan McDade - PointClear

Lisa Arthur - Teradata Corporation

Tibor Shanto -

David Balzen - SalesStaff LLC

Ruth Stevens - eMarketing Strategy

Dan Rogers - SmartLead by AdTrack

Jeanne Hopkins - Continuum

Peter Gracey - AG Salesworks

Mac McIntosh - Acquire B2B

Glenn Gow - Crimson Marketing

Nathan Remmes - NanoLumens

Geoff Rego - Hushly

Raghu Raghavan - Act-On

Karen Dewolfe - Interlink one

Jeff Ogden - Find New Customers

Adam Needles - ANNUITAS

Nancy Nardin - Smart Selling Tools

Gary Napotnik - Solutionary Inc.

Matt Heinz - Heinz Marketing

Lisa Cramer - LeadLife Solutions

Russ Cornelius - Brand Savants Inc.

Alen Mayer

Brian Kardon - Lattice

Voting closes at the end of the day on November 30. Winners will be announced on Dec 5, 2013.

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