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Rise of the Revenue Marketer


Author: Debbie Qaqish

Amazon: 4.9 out of 5 stars. See all reviews (7 customer reviews)
Kindle Price: $3.95, Hardcover $19.95, Barnes & Noble $3.95.

Five-Star Review on Amazon. I tried to leave a review on Barnes & Noble, but it was impossible.

Length: 228 pages. Publisher: BookLogix; 1st edition (October 22, 2013)

This is the best marketing book I have read. Ever. Period (real period). Written by Debbie Qaqish, there are ten chapters with contributions from 24 business-to-business marketers, not consultants. Launching with the question, “What are you going to do about revenue?” Debbie takes us on a journey to prove that, with will, there is payoff for marketers and their companies. The times they are a-changing in marketing, and Qaqish is on the forefront of those who know that marketing creates wealth and that there are now systems to prove it. This is not a book that holds all of its central ideas in the first 50 pages, while the other 168 pages exist to make the publisher happy. You have to read it all. With the quotes from 24 marketers, it’s a fast read that will hang with you for your career.

Qaqish (pronounced Qa Qeesh) discusses the new role for Marketing, building a revenue marketing team, the revenue marketing model (p. 45), the marketing operations center (p. 201), and metrics that matter.


  1. What Are You Going To Do About Revenue?
  2. The Revenue Marketing Journey
  3. Operationalizing the Revenue Marketing Journey
  4. Building a Revenue Marketing Team.
  5. The Revenue Marketing Center of Excellence
  6. Revenue Marketing Change Management
  7. Marketing and Sales Synergy
  8. Metrics That Matter
  9. Selling The Vision (Note: read about the neat, undercover marketing campaign by one marketer)
  10. What’s Next in the Revenue Marketing Playbook?

 Debbie is right. Nothing can happen if you don’t make a good business case for revenue marketing, and she does a fine job on page 191 in the chapter, ‘Selling the Vision.’

Recommendation:  Buy this book for your company president, sales manager and everyone on the marketing staff.

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