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Why It’s Time for Women to Lead in America: September 12: SLMA Radio

Susan Finch will interview Vicki Donlan at 5 PM US Pacific time on Sept 12, 2013. Vicki is a Business & Health Coach, Speaker and Author of HER TURN: Why It’s Time for Women to Lead in America.

DolanSome of the highlights of the show include:

What a lot of women don’t realize is that MEN with daughters are the biggest supporters of women becoming successful. They want to know that anything is possible for their daughters.

Women don’t remember to connect the dots. Men look at every opportunity to connect and grow their business relationships. Women spend more time separating personal from business. Why?

As a young girl, Vicki’s father would take her to work with him. He would introduce her to many important people. But instead of saying, “Vicki, you need to meet so and so..” he would say to the person, “You need to meet my daughter, Vicki.” His support came through in every subtle thing he did to expose her to the business world. She grew up knowing she was important and could do anything. Are you giving that gift to young women, teens and your daughters?

Women are natural nurturers and relationship builders, then why is it that men are the ones who rarely speak negatively about each other - especially in business? Women need to be SUPPORTIVE of other women and bring them up with them through their successes, build them up when other succeed, talk about them as if you are a proud parent or friend.

She challenged women especially to do four things:

1. Become less judgmental. This includes judgmental about women’s looks, career choices -anything they do.

2. Support women every time you can! When one succeeds we all win.

3. Participate and support women’s groups. We get through the obstacles faster when we meet and discuss as s group. There is a different level of collaboration, discussion and support when it is just women with women. Nothing wrong with being in co-ed groups, but don’t forget to set aside time to just be with other professional women.

4. Be a mentor. We are all mentors and all mentees. Reach out early and often and we have an opportunity. This applies to ALL ages!

About Vicki Donlan

Dolan Book
As an entrepreneur, she was founder and publisher of Women’s Business, a 25,000 controlled-circulation newspaper devoted to women in business in the Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island region, founded in 1998, and sold to the Boston Herald in 2004, remaining as publisher through 2007.Her first book HER TURN Why It’s Time for Women To Lead in America was published in September 2007. She is a regular guest discussing women in business on New England Cable News’ Business Day and a well-known speaker.

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