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Sales Lead Management Association Declares October 21-25, 2013 to be Sales Lead Management Week

Association Encourages Industry to Manage & Measure Lead Generation

LOS ANGELES, CA - - August 12,  2012- - James W. Obermayer, executive director of the Sales Lead Management Association(SLMA), today designated the week of October 21-25, 2013 as the sixth annual Sales Lead Management Week.  Obermayer said "Sales leads are the life blood of most organizations and yet, in spite of the billions of dollars spent on lead generation, lead management is assumed to be handled by buying a CRM system. And yet, even though 80% of companies have a CRM system, lead follow-up is in the low double digits. This is what sales lead management week is all about - - bringing attention to the massive management failure that wastes B2B and B2C company resources."

SLMA Challenges Corporations

Ron Goodman, SLMA's VP of business development, said "This is the week for software and service companies to host webinars, seminars, podcasts, speeches and blog entries on the importance of sales lead follow-up and ROI reporting. This year SLMA will host a special edition of its Thought Leadership Webinar series to spotlight best practices. This series is hosted by Frank Jamieson of Applied DM Research sponsored by eTrigue and NETPROSPEX."


About the Sales Lead Management Association

The Sales Lead Management Association was founded in 2007. Membership is free. The association serves 6,400 members of the worldwide sales lead management community. A privately held organization, SLMA has a diversified business model with revenues coming from sponsors, software reviews, display advertising, SLMA Radio, newsletter advertising, sponsored cartoons, and industry leader links.


SLMA Webinar: Generating Hyper Growth with Data Driven Decisions

Robert IsrachAUGUST 22: 12pm - 1pm Pacific Time
Robert Israch - VP Global Marketing Programs


thought leadership webinar series

Robert Israch is responsible for developing and managing NetSuite's worldwide demand generation programs, using marketing ROI to inform and guide all marketing decisions. Robert will present how NetSuite uses marketing technology, data reporting and analytics to build a scalable marketing organization that can accommodate exponential worldwide sales growth. Robert's presentation will include how NetSuite tracks sales leads from generation through conversion, making key decisions based on data analysis and marketing ROI instead of opinion. 

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I can’t hear about what you do, because I’m busy telling you about what we do.

By Mari Anne Vanella, The Vanella Group

This statement gets back to the quantity versus quality leads. Lead generation companies making buckshot calls to countless companies hoping one will hit the target. A bit of research may reveal that not only is this company you are calling NOT a potential client, but that they may indeed be a competitor offering the same services.

IStock_000000796755SmallThis reminds me of tradeshow, webinar and other “guest” situations. Periodically, I’ll bring a customer or partner to tradeshows and other sponsored events as my guest. Their company name is usually included in the registration, yet no one vets the list so perhaps up to four years later our main line is receiving calls seeking out our “guest” as if they work for our company. Did you read this part, “FOUR YEARS LATER.” How big was that event list? Chances are a bit of research on LinkedIn would have revealed they are currently a VP at a large software company and has been since the time of the past event.

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You call THIS networking and Lead Generation?

Guest author Mari Anne Vanella of The Vanella Group (NEVER call her MARI) - shared some stories and I had to add in my feedback, as well. This is a big topic and becoming a bigger problem in lead generation.

IStock_000014362317SmallFrom Mari Anne Vanella:

Have you noticed an increasing trend of very poor outreach techniques on LinkedIn both via messages, InMail, and calls? A lot of it is laziness and the fact their mamas never taught them any manners, and their managers didn’t instill the respected way to introduce yourself to avoid having the door slammed in your face.

The complete lack of research people do before reaching out continues to amaze me.  A week or so back, I had someone reach out to me saying he knows I manage the Ace Hardware account and went on to ask me, “What can you tell him about them?”  First off-- why would I tell a complete stranger about a client?  Then we get to the LAZY part. This guy was referring to the job I had 17 years ago managing their EDI roll-out. 17 YEARS AGO.  Curious how he could be so desperate for information that he would ask someone about something so far from current experience, I asked if he looked at my profile.  His response was, “Yes, very impressive.” and then right back to asking what can I tell him about Ace.  Under the circumstances, what else is there to share except "They sell hardware.”

This gets us into another topic covering “being too familiar with the unfamiliar.”

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