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Sales Lead Management Association Starts ‘Women in Sales & Marketing’ Radio Segment

Proud of my daughter's success in her current career.

As parents we watch our children grow, go to college, start careers. They start learning from us and our examples. They learn from their peers, professors, internships. Sometimes they don't realize what has soaked in from our teachings and examples.

Sales Management:

She only has a seaonal business. Each year she adds another 25% to her customer base. She reconnects with her clients and shows them new product, talks about any pricing changes, profitability and the company's mission. She's passionate and truly listens to her customers. They feel valued and are loyal to her efforts.

Qualified Leads:

As most are from her local farm, or referrals, 90% of her leads are qualified. There are unforeseen wrenches that she can't always combat, but she shakes them off and makes room for the next sale.

Lead Nurturing:

She follows up with last year's customers, asking them if they have an referrals for her in the area, then following up immediately mentioning the original customer as the one who sent her to them.

Marketing Automation:

Taking advantage of social media venues, she delegates the task of peppering the market with her announcements and growth progress. She sells, and has learned the value of outsourcing the marketing.


As she is preparing to deliver product, she evaluates the number of ours spent for return and notes where she had the most ROI. Networking works well for her as they know her and look forward to her annual visit. She takes the time to create thank you notes hand-signed by her that go with each order.

Since it is a short campaign, she makes a point of following up through the social media venues to see if anyone wants to reorder while there is still time. She creates the sense of urgency with a mix of playfulness. She outsources the posting of creative ways to use her product inspiring more sales and more engagement.

57f564b0-5940-4eb4-a159-b4346d965038Savannah is 11. She's been a Girl Scout since Kindergarten and has been selling cookies since second grade the old fashioned way - going door-to-door in the rain in our neighborhood. She has been the top seller for three years and wants to hold that position this year. Feel free to order from her. She'll ship them to you with a one case mininum. She also wants those health nuts and gluten free folks to know that they can order and donate the boxes. She removes as many "no's" from the experience as she can.

By: +Susan Finch
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