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January 2013

You’re supposed to make a difference!

I don’t know how to break this to you - - after all we’ve been friends for so long. But because you asked me to be your mentor some time ago, I feel a certain license to speak up. 

There is no polite way to say this: it seems you are just drifting through your business life. You seem to get good job reviews; you earn more every year; and you have more responsibility and more people to manage. But I have to ask, are you making a difference? We’re supposed to, you know. We talked about this years ago, but it seems to have gotten lost.

As the head of marketing for your company, have you made a difference in the marketplace? Is your market share growing? Are you getting the best return on investment for the marketing dollars you’re spending in branding and lead generation?

Are you making a difference to the employees who look to you for leadership? Are they learning and growing? Are they satisfied in their jobs and the work they do for you? Are they making a difference?

Tom Brokaw said, “It's easy to make a buck.
It's a lot tougher to make a difference.”

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Sales Lead Management Association Starts ‘Women in Sales & Marketing’ Radio Segment

Artsy-headshot2Los Angeles, CA - - January 22, 2013 - - James W. Obermayer, CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA), announced today that the association is devoting part of its successful SLMA internet radio programming to business women in sales and marketing.

“Since SLMA Radio’s introduction in July of 2010,” Obermayer said, “we have had 135 CEO, CSO and CMO interviews. Programming of late has also had many subject-oriented programs that are “How-To’s.” Now we are dedicating broadcast time to women in sales and marketing because women make up the vast majority of the marketing positions in B2B and B2C companies.”

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Proud of my daughter's success in her current career.

As parents we watch our children grow, go to college, start careers. They start learning from us and our examples. They learn from their peers, professors, internships. Sometimes they don't realize what has soaked in from our teachings and examples.

Sales Management:

She only has a seaonal business. Each year she adds another 25% to her customer base. She reconnects with her clients and shows them new product, talks about any pricing changes, profitability and the company's mission. She's passionate and truly listens to her customers. They feel valued and are loyal to her efforts.

Qualified Leads:

As most are from her local farm, or referrals, 90% of her leads are qualified. There are unforeseen wrenches that she can't always combat, but she shakes them off and makes room for the next sale.

Lead Nurturing:

She follows up with last year's customers, asking them if they have an referrals for her in the area, then following up immediately mentioning the original customer as the one who sent her to them.

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Now go do the right thing!

IStock_000022132972SmallAs we start the New Year, we ask ourselves, what is the ‘right thing’? Most people will recite a long
list of ‘right things’ about their personal lives. How will they treat their spouse, children, friends and everyday acquaintances? Losing weight and developing healthier habits lead the list of must-do’s for 2013. Generally, most people think of New Year’s resolutions in terms of their personal life goals. 

But what is the right thing to do in business?

But what is the ‘right thing’ in business? Honesty? Of course! The Golden Rule? Of Course! Digging down deeper into my own business life “Doing the right thing” means delivering on promises made, not placing blame on others, skipping excuses and taking responsibility. It comes back to the “No excuses, Sir” mentality that was drummed into me earlier in my life.

Doing the right thing in sales and marketing management can take a few twists and turns.

As a marketing manager, I think doing the right thing means to:
    • Spend the company’s money wisely to create revenue in a predictable manner.
    • Be accountable for what you spend to create demand.
    • Use marketing automation to reduce the marketing cost and increase revenue.
    • Manage the company’s most valuable new asset, new prospects. Manage the leads.
    • Lead by example and learn to respond to the salespeople’s needs.
    • Accept the occasional failure with the same grace that you accept accolades for doing well.

As a salesperson, I think doing the right thing means to:
    • Make quota as you promised on the day you were hired.
    • Follow-up all sales leads because these are the company’s most perishable asset.
    • Use the CRM system to the fullest extent possible.
    • Be honest with prospects and customers, without exception.
    • Learn the actions and habits of the company’s most successful salespeople.
    • Write a sales territory plan for the year. How will you make quota?

Doing the right thing really isn’t that hard. It is said a poor sailor blames the wind. As John G. Miller said in his book, QBQ, “A poor worker blames the tool…and a poor coach blames the players.”

Take personal responsibility for your business life; take blame out of your lexicon and “Doing the Right Thing is easy.” You already know what that is, right? _______________________________________________________________________________________ Footnote: Popular talk radio host and author Dr. Laura Schlessinger, used her catchy phrase "Now go do the Right Thing"  at the end of each show segment.