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SLMA Radio: SEO Lies, Myths, Falsehoods, Deceptions and Snake Oil Promises

judy-key-johnson.jpgJames Obermayer the host of SLMA Radio interviews Judy Key Johnson from the Key Marketing Group as she discusses Lies, Myths, Falsehoods, Deceptions and Snake Oil promises surrounding discipline of search engine optimization.  Judy will cover:
  • What to expect.
  • What not to expect.
  • What not to do.
  • How much doing it will cost.
  • How to choose someone to do it
  • And how long it takes to see results.

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Some of what we heard is that this is a slimy area of technology - a lot of less-than-honest people. Judy told us, "We end up coming in after some other promises by SEO companies have gone unfulfilled."

She had more advice:

Be sure you select a company you can trust because they'll need access to your entire website, not just the content.

They SHOULD ask you to be involved in the keyword selection process. If not, you are with the wrong company. The process can take months, but this is what will determine the success of this effort.

What types of reporting does the company offer?  You want not only the technological reporting, but the interpretation and recommendations. This is an ongoing process and it's effects should be reviewed a few times a year to adjust the efforts.

Do not go with the companies that solicit via email or cold call you on the phone. Ask other companies, do you own research to find the SEO partner  that will increase your success.

Judy had a lot of great advice. If you are considering an SEO company, this show is worth your listening time. You will gain a lot of knowledge as you begin the interviewing process.

About KMG:

Among KMG offerings are search engine optimization, website design and content developed to increase sales based on customers’ online behavior patterns, and a complete range of other marketing services: strategy, messaging, graphics, writing, editing, newsletters, photography and YouTube videography.


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By: +Susan Finch
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