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Beyond just ‘good enough’

No one intends to be just 'good enough'; over time it just happens.  To some. 


If salespeople don't follow up on all sales leads, is some follow-up good enough? After all, these people don't report to Marketing.

When Marketing can't seem to create qualified sales leads, are the leads good enough to help salespeople make quota? Most likely not.

For C-Level Management, is it good enough to have a CRM system even if salespeople don't like it and use it only when they must?

Is it good enough for MarCom managers to stand between the warring factions of Sales and Marketing and not take a leadership role to bring the two together?

 Step up. Don't be just good enough;

go beyond good enough.


Being 'good enough' isn't good enough anymore. Marketing is in a position unlike any in the last 50 years. It can control corporate growth by creating demand and managing that demand with sales lead management tools. But there has to be a desire to be more than 'good enough.' There has to be a desire to take command of lead generation, create qualified leads, measure what they manage, and nurture prospects until they're sales-ready, and then do it all over again. And again.

There isn't room for someone who is just 'good enough.' Good enough isn't going the extra mile to help Sales make quota.

You have heard me say that pound for pound Marketing creates more wealth for the average B2B company that any department in the company. But to be recognized for it, you can't be just good enough.

Beyond good enough requires leadership, being held accountable, teamwork for Sales and Marketing, and a keen eye for what works, with the guts to measure everything and trash weak lead generation as soon as possible.

It also requires a sales lead management system that is world-class, all encompassing, and comprehensive enough to prove a return on investment for every lead generation dollar spent.

Step up. Don't be just good enough; go beyond good enough.

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