"Well done is better than well said,” remarked Benjamin Franklin
Should an inquiry be qualified before it is sent to sales?

“A real decision is measured by the fact that you've taken a new action. If there's no action, you haven't truly decided” …Tony Robbins

At some point the marketing department and everyone in it has to make the decision to start measuring all lead generation activities.  


The trade show manager has the easiest task because all inquiries are in a neat little package from each show and can be tracked with precision.   Other inquiry/leads can come into the company via multiple entry points (web contact is more difficult but not impossible to track).   But a direct mail response can come in via a toll-free numbers, reply card, web contact form, etc.    Regardless, every inquiry is traceable, wth a little help from the prospect, a CRM system and marketing automation. 

The point is, to secure it’s own future,  the marketing department must make a decision and take action to track the source of all inquiries and prove the ROI by individual lead generation tactic.   The most difficult part is making the decision to be accountable.    

Jeff Pedowitz of the Pedowtiz Group said it well on a recent SLMA Radio program (2/16/2012), when he said, “Take a stand."

Take Tony Robbins' advice, take a new action.  Be accountable.  

Would anyone like to share their own success story about proving ROI and taking a stand? 

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