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Direct Marketing’s Quiet yet Powerful Resurgence

Good news! The direct marketing precepts we learned, practiced, and have made good money at over the years not only endure, they are proving their worth once again, despite the tough economy. Examples:

“Inbound marketing” = direct response marketing. Approach the right audience with the right message, make a good offer, issue a definitive call to action, provoke the prospect’s response … Houston, we have a lead!
 “Content marketing” = good copy, wisely applied. Provide relevant and timely info based on the prospect’s circumstances, requirements, preferences, and the lead advances into an opportunity.

“Engagement” = actually interacting in real-time, in person or at least via the spoken and written word.

These correlations may annoy the “social media über alles” crowd. They say stuff like, “If we Tweet it, they will come” and “in the new paradigm, we make content available but taking action is up to the recipients” and “interruption marketing is so 20th century.” I didn’t make those up! They all appeared in on-line business forums!

And yet in those same forums, we are now seeing new-media versions of the questions we had to ask and answer before the Internet: what REALLY comprises a viable lead? What are the known and expected costs of new account acquisition? How can we separate the “wheat from the chaff” in responses and inquiries? Many readers of this article have good answers!

We may have to “re-brand” our answers for 2011-2012 and beyond, but the wisdom of our experience in direct marketing can be very valuable for both legacy and new companies. Let’s go get wealthy!

©2011, Michael A. Brown
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