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Direct Marketing’s Quiet yet Powerful Resurgence

Good news! The direct marketing precepts we learned, practiced, and have made good money at over the years not only endure, they are proving their worth once again, despite the tough economy. Examples:

“Inbound marketing” = direct response marketing. Approach the right audience with the right message, make a good offer, issue a definitive call to action, provoke the prospect’s response … Houston, we have a lead!

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Sales Lead Leakage #66: Sales Lead Blackouts produce sales dips within three months!


How to avoid losing your Lead Generation Budget i

When management, for whatever reason, decides to cut the lead generation budget the consequences have both long and short-term penalties for the company and its salespeople.

First some definitions, and then a practical story:
    A Sales Lead Blackout occurs when all lead generation activities cease.  
    A Sales Lead Brownout out occurs when there is a partial sales lead generation cut-off.

A True Story

The President of the small public medical instrumentation company called in the VP of Marketing and immediately launched into his problem. 

“We are half-way through the year, our forecast is off a bit, expenses are up.   I made promises on earnings per share and I need to cut the marketing budget for the last quarter of the year.  Go look at your budget and give me the best news you can.”

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Lead Management the Movie?


Wouldn't this be nice?

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