A faint heart never filled a Royal Flush
No Tree is too Big for a Short Dog to Lift his Leg On!

Frankly, and this is between you and me.... I have my cash invested where the sun don't shine.

The winning caption for the Sales Lead Management Association cartoon this month is from Bill Goldsmith from Bill Goldsmith Productions. Considering we hear corporations have cash but they are slow and cautious in spending it, this caption and the runners-up (below) are maybe a reflection of the new normal. Our thanks to Stu Henecke of CartoonLink.com for his continued fine humor as we make fun of the world of sales and marketing.


The runner-up captions were:

From Ken Murray at VanillaSoft: We simply can't increase your budget Jim. The funds just aren't there. We are sitting tight on our position.

And one from Andy Brownell of LeadMaster: As CEO of this company I'm telling you need more sales, I can barely reach the keyboard.

There were many more, too numerous to mention but all fun. Thank you.



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