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Sales Lead Leakage #1: You fail to sell to 100% of the sales leads you don’t follow-up.

IStock_000014596001Small Lack of follow-up by sales reps is the number one failure for lead generation campaigns.   If salespeople can’t do it, get a marketing automation program.  

Unless the potential customer is willing to over-look the lack of follow-up and buy without hearing from a salesperson (usually B2C sales leads) your company has a huge sales lead leakage issue and you're failing.

Industry stats, articles, research and pundits report a 75-90% failure in sales lead follow-up by most companies.   This isn't a minor leakage issue it is a massive problem because it says that the marketing failure is in direct portion to the lack of sales lead follow-up. 

The stats people keep quoting are 45% of the salespeople give up after the first phone call.  Here are a few things I teach sales reps:

-Nearly half of all sales leads turn into a sale for someone.

-75-90% of all inquiries and leads are not followed-up by anyone in sales.

-Whether you get through to someone or not on the first call, it places you first in line as someone who took the time to care.

-Faster follow-up wins out over slower follow-up

-The most enduring fact of sales lead closure: Persistence always wins over those who give up after the first call.

Salesperson follow-up is preferable to just having a marketing automation push (yes, I understand the concept of sales ready leads and I prefer it).  But considering most salespeople never follow-up inquiries and leads, marketing automation with its defined rules and persistence pushes win rates up for every company that uses it.

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