How’s that lead generation working for you?

We don't have much time so tell us everything you know about lead management.

We agree that when marketing creates demand (leads) it takes talent and intuition and creativity. Px1401_compnowtelll me everything you know

Sales skills are unarguably learned, but a little natural ability from an out-going personality helps.    Sales lead management however is another topic.  It crosses  many department boundaries (not just sales and marketing).  It is detailed, rule based and leadership driven.  Everyone can do their job to manage the lead and the whole thing can cave-in if the salesperson looks at the name and tosses it in the can and never follows  up because (take your pick):

1. No phone number.
2. No email address.
3. Not a corporate address (must be a student).

 4. Never bought from us before.
5. Long way by car to visit the prospect.
6. They inquired before and didn't buy.

How does that saying go?  "When you don't want to do something, one excuse is as good as another."   The one thing I can tell you is, properly managing sales leads reaps huge rewards.  Improperly managing sales leads, even a little bit, cuts the marketing return by the high double digits. 

So, I recommend:  Create a set of rules for managing sales leads; have all  stakeholders present.  Set goals.  Meet regularly.  Measure follow-up.  Measure ROI.  Buy more of what creates a qualified lead, less of what doesn't.  Repeat. 

 This cartoon is sponsored by Will Crist of Sandler Training.  Other cartoons are available for downloading on the SLMA Site.  Catrtoons are created by Stu Heinecke




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