We don't have much time so tell us everything you know about lead management.
Are your salespeople spending unproductive time generating their own leads?

How’s that lead generation working for you?

MP900437208[1] You can’t ask that question without also asking, “How is the Marketing Automation and CRM working for you?”  Both valid questions.  Both entwined with each other.  Both dependent on each other in a performance oriented dance that is more easily measured than most people let on. 

Of course, everyone declares that lead generation can be measured and tracked and refined and repeated, but does it happen in the common everyday B2B company?  It is happening in the largest B2B companies and it may be happening more than some admit, because who wants to admit it openly and let their competitors know that they have figured out the secret sauce for growth? 

We know lead generation can be refined to create a high quantity of qualified leads and  sales.  The CRM tracks,  informs and delivers the leads and tracks the pipeline and lead generation success. Marketing Automation takes on sales chores as it delivers content based on precise information which is revealed from questions and answers and more questions and more answers.  

It’s  no secret that multiple contacts with a prospect leads to increased sales results while 75-90% of all salespeople fail to follow-up at all.

So, I ask you, how is it working for you?  If you don’t have the process (CRM, MA) in place to measure your lead gen, when will you start?   If you have the process in place, are you measuring lead generation and using the systems to their maximum advantage?  Some managers are and they are kicking the butts of those who bought the technology and expected it to work without creativity and management. 

In marketing, the need is great, but those who know how to harvest are few. 

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