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Sales shouldn't have to use a crystal ball to forecast sales!


Have you wondered where forecasts comes from?   Some sales managers use the crystal ball approach.  And some managers collaborate with marketing and create a forecast based on marketing's ability to create demand. 

Nothing like a constant flow of qualified leads to make the pipeline fatter and salespeople happy. 

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Nothing will spoil a man’s life like too much truth!

Actually Will Rogers said, "Nothing will spoil a big man’s life like too much truth."  Big or small, man or woman, the truth can cause all kinds of issues, especially when it comes to sales lead management.  

To be fair, it’s only right to say that many people don’t know what the truth is when we speak of sales lead management.  I don’t think there is such a thing as too much truth in sales lead management, so  I guess it’s time we talked about it. 

It’s said the truth will set you free; maybe it will work with you or more precisely management.  

I believe there are 12 truths in B2B sales lead management (no doubt more, but I stopped at 12; you can add some):

1.  There is a difference between an inquiry and a lead.  Leads are qualified inquiries.

2.  45% of all inquiries turn into a sale for someone within one year.  This is known as the Rule of 45.

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“20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management”

Sales Lead Management Association Announces Winners for 2011’s

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James W. Obermayer, CEO of the  Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) announced the results of the “SLMA 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management” recognition program.  

Ron Goodman, VP of Business Development said, "It is with pleasure that the SLMA publishes the list and photos of the 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management for 2011.   We are greatly impressed with all of the nominees and our independent judges had a difficult time picking the 20 winners out of the names submitted."

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