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January 2011

SLMA’s James Obermayer Interviewed by Phil Fernandez at DreamForce 2010

Phil Fernandez at DreamForce interviewed SLMA CEO James Obermayer about the future of sales lead management,

  • How marketing and sales should work together to create revenue
  • Why marketers are builders of wealth but few of them know it
  • How to project the ROI for Lead Generation
  • Marketing managers don’t know they can predict the future
  • Half of all inquirers turn into a sales for someone within one year
  • Marketing managers need to have quotas
  • Sales lead management is more than CRM
  • Marketing automation is taking marketing programs to a whole new level
  • Marketing managers need to take their rightful place as revenue generators
  • Articles on SLMA speak about the alignment of marketing and sales
  • Marketing people are having to step-up and be responsible for marketing dollars spent
  • Why one excuse is not as good as another if you don’t want to do something (prove ROI)
  • How to join the Sales lead Management Association

BtoB Article: The time is now for sales and marketing to align

This article in appeared in BtoB.  To read it in it’s entirety, click here.   The following are excerpts.

By James W. Obermayer Executive Director, Sales Lead Management Association
Story posted: January 17, 2011 - 6:01 am EDT

There comes a time in the life of every movement when its ideas and principles it represents catch fire, a point of critical mass. For sales and marketing alignment, that time has come.

This year, the rewards for those who align their sales and marketing programs and departments will be as dramatic as the failures of those who refuse…

"If CRM has been the drumbeat of business, marketing automation is the full orchestra."  

With marketing automation reaching a crescendo, marketing no longer has an excuse to refrain from taking its rightful place as an equal co-creator of wealth.

"With marketing automation, where before there was timidity, there is now bravado. But marketing as a discipline has to change to make this happen…."

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How To Reduce Your Lead Leakage

As our sales funnels get wider and longer, it’s even more challenging than before to keep leads within our grasp.  One of the most costly sales and marketing issues is lead leakage.  Lead leakage refers to leads entering the funnel as suspects and potentially moving through to leads and possibly opportunities only to be forgotten, if they are not ready to buy. But what does that mean? Are these leads are not worthy of continued attention?  Could these leads buy at some point in the future? Plugging a hole in your sales funnel is critical to successful lead management.  Below are some steps that can be taken to help reduce lead leakage…

  1. 1. Integrate a lead nurturing strategy into your lead management process.
     Sending out emails over a period of time is not an effective lead nurturing strategy.
    - Put some thought towards targeting, relevant content, and evaluating success (sending the right person, the right message at the right time is effective nurturing).
    - Use automation to track digital behavior and automate nurturing programs for leverage, visibility, and scalability.

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