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December 2010

SLMA 50's List Voting Done - SLMA Radio tonight with Dan McDade, Michael A. Brown and Debbie Miller Pierce

Voting is completed for the 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management in 2010 and we are counting the ballots.  5810 votes were cast for 99 nominees by 3786 people.  Actually 4017 voters cast ballots but we found 231 duplicates.  Gotta love those people from Chicago (my home town) where the motto is vote early and vote often.

Yes, we know the results and it is a secret until Monday. No one knows the results except the secret vote counter, Susan Finch the Director of Web Services and me (and we are not telling).

Results will be on the news and the SLMA site Monday at 6 AM PST, December 6th.

SLMA Radio tonight at 5 PM PST.  Commentary by Dan McDade of Point Clear.  Expect some pointed thoughts from an industry leader.  He has a new book but that's a secret.

Also interviewed tonight by host Will Crist will be Michael A. Brown, the Business to Business Phone Expert and Debbie Miller Pierce CEO of MillerPierce the home of NitroMojo (SaaS lead management software on steroids).  

Tune in at 5 PM PST.