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An Interview with one of the "50 Most Influential Sales Lead Management Professionals":Victor Kippes, Validar Incorporated

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Victor Kippes

Who are your mentors and why?

The resources I migrate to are on this list. (The 50 Most Influential List) ;nice job SLMA. I gain great insight from Brian Carroll,  DemandGenreport and our friends at Also, our existing customers are great mentors and resources. 

What is the most helpful advice you've received to improve your business? 

Stay true to your vision. 

What is the most helpful advice you can give to help others improve their businesses? 

Focus on helping your customers with their challenges versus selling them products. Also, stay true to your vision! 

How do you give back to the professional community? is purely focused on helping marketing and sales professionals in their day to day activities specific lead management. 

What is your favorite business book? 

"The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" is timeless and has been very helpful in my business career.   Also, right now i am reading "Behind the Cloud " by Mark Benioff and Inbound Marketing by the folks from Hubspot. I just finished "Trust Agents", by Chris Brogan. 

Which 4 basic skills or process steps do you recommend with regards to Sales Lead Management:

1. Identify and agree upon your Sales Ready definition.
2. Enable and encourage your respondents to tell you where they are in the buying cycle.
3. Identify you strategy with regards to each lead category.
4. Collaborate with your sales team.

In your opinion, the best book on marketing is

"Crossing the Chasm" - by Geoffrey Moore

Your reasons for choosing this book are

Timeless insight on planning for the long term. 

What would you say to someone who asks what to do first in managing sales leads? 

Sit down with your sales team and identify the definition of a sales ready lead. Establish your lead management foundation and focus on a closed loop solution that enables Marketing to measure revenue production through your marketing efforts. With this foundation in place, marketing becomes easier and more strategic specific to spend.
If someone wants to nurture sales inquiries what process would you recommend? 

1) Identify the relevant stages of your products buying cycle.
2) Identify content and messaging that aligns with this stage.
3) Leverage your lead management foundation to automate this messaging. (Focus on timing!)
What steps would you suggest to measure the ROI for sales inquiries? 

I believe the Key Performance Indicator you should be focused on is cost per order dollar. Make sure your lead management foundation tracks projected, pipeline and actual revenue from your campaigns.

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